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Win a Trip to Hokkaido this Winter

22 Sep , 2012,
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Ever dream about a white Christmas in a picturesque winter wonderland filled with fun, food and laughter? Well, quit dreaming, because the Hokkaido Railway Company’s gonna make one of you lucky readers’ dream a reality.

The company will be hosting a travel seminar named “Hokkaido Winter Wonderland by Train” on 6 October, and the seminar will feature speakers sharing the joys and pleasures of visiting Japan’s second most popular tourist destination.

Participants can expect a quiz, where you’ll stand a chance to win prizes, as well as a grand draw in each of two sessions, where the lucky winner will walk home with a return air ticket from Singapore to Hokkaido.

The seminar will be hosted at:


The Regent Hotel Singapore, Royal Pavilion Ballroom II (Next to Tangling Mall)
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715

(Check out this map for directions)


You will need to pre-register for the event on the Facebook event page.

1st Session: 11am – 1pm (doors open at 10:30am)

2nd Session: 2:30pm – 4:30pm (doors open at 2pm)

This seminar is brought to you by Hokkaido Railway Company and Vivid  Creations Pte Ltd, the organizers of Singapore’s Real Escape Game.

Don’t forget to visit Hokkaido’s Facebook page to find out more about what this state has to offer.

Tokyo Game Show – Day 2 Roundup

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As we move onto Day Two of our Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2012 roundup, we discover some pleasant surprises from video game god Hideo Kojima, as well as Capcom goodies.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Kojima Productions shed light on the gameplay and concepts behind Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and one of it’s highlights is an “open world concept” similar to GTA. The environment will load constantly in the background while the player navigates and explores the world.

The only time the load screen appears is when the player moves into another part of the world via helicopter. This minimize the amount of time the player spends staring at the loading screen instead of playing the game. The game will also reflect the time of day, so expect day and night environmental settings.

Ground Zeroes will run on Kojima Production’s new FOX Engine, and the team hopes it’ll be a benchmark for future “open world” games.


Kojima also announced his own Twitter-style app.

Dubbed Metal Gear TW, the app features Twitter functionality, but also gives the user a special “camouflage mode” which censors text. Only folks you’ve designated have access to read the uncensored text. Cool huh?

Kojima’s new weapon also features a “stealth mode” which operates like a block function. This allows you to keep pesky stalkers away from your feeds without them knowing. It’s kinda like donning a cardboard box, if you know what I mean.

What’s more awesome than this bit of development news? The fact that this app will be available for the iOS by the end of the year!


Dark Arisen DLC for Dragon’s Dogma Due Next Year

Capcom has confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma will be getting a “major expansion” in the form of Dark Arisen. Capcom said that they will be revealing more details about the DLC in “the near future”.

To keep fans busy until “Dark Arisen” gets released, Capcom will be putting out an upgrade (FOC of course) for Dragon’s Dogma this year. The upgrade will include a “speedrun” and “hard” modes. In a nutshell, “speedrun” will test the players’ ability to complete the game in the shortest time possible while “hard” will make the game much harder, but also the drops more rewarding.


Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Coming to Consoles in April 2013

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios announced that Injustice: Gods Amongst Us will be ready for worldwide launch in April 2013. The DC fighting game will be making its way to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Monster Hunter 4 to Support Online Multiplayer

While the English speaking world will get a localized version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate come March 2013, Capcom announced that Japan would get the latest installment of Monster HunterMonster Hunter 4 in the same month on the 3DS.

Monster Hunter 4 will feature online multiplayer support for up to 4 players to play and hunt together, but if you’re hoping for a console port, you might have to keep those fingers crossed.

Assassin’s Creed Utopia and Resident Evil VS for iOS and Android

While consoles and handheld consoles have taken center stage at Tokyo Game Show this year, we can’t really ignore the potential for smartphones to moonlight as mobile consoles.

New titles coming up on mobile devices include Assassin’s Creed Utopia, which allows you to build and manage a city, and features a limited time combat system.

Resident Evil VS first appeared at E3 this year, and the third-person shooter’s looking good. It holds onto the essence of RE Mercenaries VS, but fans might be disappointed because a few cast members of the Resident Evil franchise have been reported missing from the roster.

The game will be ready for release in Japan next year.

Source: GematsuG4TV,

Tokyo Game Show 2012 – D-Day

21 Sep , 2012,
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Yesterday we chased down news from the Tokyo Game Show press con (check out our round-up here), and today, we bring you more on what is arguably TGS’s D-Day!

Omega Force Working on a New Title

The makers behind the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series revealed a teaser of their latest work – Toukiden for PSP and PS Vita. From the looks of it, it’s an action title featuring a female protagonist wielding a big sword, and it’s expected to launch sometime next year.

Yakuza 5 set for December 8 Release
Sega sets a definite date for Yakuza 5. The game will hit stores in Japan on December 6. The game is heading straight into tough competition against Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, that was released in August, which had secured a cult fanbase for their Hong Kong styled bad cop title.

Sega Speaks Up About Project Omega

Sega has announced that the unnamed title they have been working on dubbed as Project Omega will be known as Demon Tribe and released a teaser website.

According to Gematsu, there is evidence on the website source codes which suggest that the game will be headed for Wii U, PlayStation Vita and PSP.

Okami and Kingdom Hearts to be Re-Mastered in HD
Capcom has confirmed that the 2006 game, Okami, will be getting a HD makeover. The game will be available on PlayStation Network from October 30th.

Square Enix on the other hand also confirms that Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix version) and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories together with additional scenes adapted from Kingdomhearts 358/2 Days will see a HD remake. The franchise will also make its way on PC browsers in the form of a social cum trading card game (TCG).

Arc System Works Sets Time Frame for Adventure Game – XBlaze
The makers of BlazBlue, Arc System Works teases con goers with a new trailer of XBlaze. The “Adventure Project” is produced by Mori Toshimichi. First announced during Continuum Shift 2 national tournament in Japan last year, the game is expected to be hitting the shelves in 2013.

Source: Joystiq, Gematsu, Famitsu

Real Escape Game comes back with Vol. 3

20 Sep , 2012,
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REG Vol. 3: Official Promo Art

The immersive, alternate reality game that is Real Escape Game’s back, and this time, Vol. 3 takes you into the mind of a crazed physicist who claims to have unraveled the secret to human prosperity.

Dubbed “The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad”, this installment will take place at Power House @St. James Power Station, and features a new storyline and venue.

The deceased physicist’s secrets are hidden in his last will and testament, which has been unsealed after a 40-year silence.

Players are challenged to test their wits in a series of elaborate puzzles, to “unravel the mystery of (his) life’s greatest work”.

It’s sure to be a treat for thosewho want a change of pace after REG Vol. 2’s dark survival horror vibe to be sure.

We’re looking forward to vol 3, and if you fancy yourself a super puzzle solver, you should too!

Here’s a look at the Vol. 3 trailer!

Real Escape Game in Singapore, vol 3: The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad takes place from 28 to 30 Sept 2012 at Power House @St. James Power Station.

Tickets are priced at $27 (advanced sales) and $35 (at the door). Tickets are available from, through the SISTIC hotline, and at SISTIC outlets islandwide. 

Don’t forget to also visit Real Escape Game in Singapore’s official site, and Facebook page for more details. 

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Press Conference Round-Up

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Sony Unveils New PS3 Model
New model is to be 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current model. The model will come in 250 GB or 500 BG. The New PS3 will also be available in 2 colors – Black or White. The black version will be on sale in Japan from October 4, the white model will be out on November 22.

There will also be another version featuring a 12GB flash memory that will be sold in PAL regions. The flash model will be on sale in Australia September 27. Europe will see their version on October 12.

Vita to get PlayStation Plus Service
At the press conference at Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that Vita owners will get PlayStation Plus services at “no extra cost” in November. Subscription prices are to stay.

PS Vita – The New Manga Reader
Sony announced  that more than 3000 manga will be available for Vita owners. Too bad, it only applies to Japan.

Puppeteer Makes an Appearance at TGS
We still don’t know much about the title but gameplay looks really refreshing and it will be coming to the PS3 sometime in 2013.

More Colors for PlayStation Vita
Sony revealed two new colors for the Vita – Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue. The new colors will be on sale from November 15.

New Senran Kagura Game Announced for the PlayStation Vita
Semi-erotic game, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus -Shinobitachi no Shoumei, has been confirmed for the PlayStation Vita. We do expect it to shake things up quite a bit. The game is expected bounce in on February 28th, 2013.

New Gundam Game is About Destroying Toys
The latest addition to the Gundam games by Namco Bandai is not about pwning another Mobile suit but about breaking and smashing up other Gundam models. Think Lego! Now don’t get the urge to destroy your collection while we wait for Bandai to announce a release date for Gundam Breaker.

Soul Sacrifice to be delayed
Inafune have announced during Sony’s pre-TGS conference that his team will need more time. Inafune wants to implement “user feedbacks from hands-on” gathered during the game show. There will be 20 stations at Sony’s booth dedicated for Soul Sacrifice. The slash and hack title is expected in Spring 2013.

Team Ninja Announces Three Ninja Gaiden Titles
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge and a mysterious title called Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z which was done in collaboration with Keiji Inafune.

Although there is still official release date, Yaiba will be headed for consoles. Ninja Gaiden 3 on the other hand will be out together with Wii U. North America will be having their Wii Us on November 18th, Europe will get theirs on November 30th while the Japan will get their sets on December 8th this year. Ninja Gaiden 3 will be getting free DLCs.

During the TGS Press Conference, Team Ninja also announced that  Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be released on the PS Vita in February next year.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Rumored to give TGS a Miss
After a controversial no show at E3 which fueled rumors of the game being axed, the Final Fantasy Versus XIII might be giving TGS a miss. According to a Gematsu article on September 1st, the online publication reports that “Versus will not be at the Tokyo Game Show. First, they are putting all their strength into the conclusion of the Lightning Saga and Final Fantasy XIV.”

Square Enix’s producer Shinji Hashimoto had twitted that we should “look forward to it next year.”

Nothing has been breathed thus far.

Sony Announces Games for PSP, PS Vita and Playstation 3

  • Vahalla 3 (PS Vita) due early 2013
  • Oboro Muramasa (PS Vita) expected on March 28th, 2013
  • Toukiden (PSP & PS Vita) to be released sometime in 2013
  • God Eater 2 (PS Vita) to be released simultaneously with the PSP edition in 2013
  • One Piece: Romance Dawn (PSP) due December 20th.
  • SD Gundam G-Generation Overworld (PSP)  due on September 27th
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified (PS Vita) due for a Japanese release on December

Dead or Alive 5 to be downloadable from PSN
Team Ninja’s honcho announced during the press conference that Dead or Alive 5 will be available for the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Store. The game will be sold on the same day as the retail copies hitting the stores on September 25th.

PSP Prices Drops
Starting tomorrow, the price for a new PSP will be reduced to 13,800 yen even as the PSP is still recognized as “force to be reckoned with” in the Japanese gaming industry. The value pack to cost 14, 800 yen.


Source: KOTAKU, Joystiq, Gematsu

Dragon Age III: Inquisition formally announced

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Dragon Age III: Title Masthead. It’s the only visual we’ve got right now! 😮

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to jump into the continent of Thedas again, wait no longer. BioWare and EA announced the third Dragon Age title yesterday after months of leaks and speculation, making the existence of Dragon Age III: Inquisition, pretty much official.

The game will be “coming in late 2013” and will run on the DICE Frost Bite 2 engine, the same engine that powers Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run.

BioWare’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, also confirmed that the same dudes who worked on Origins would be working on Inquisition, and that there would be more customization options.

Simply put, the development team has been working closely with the community to give “fans what they’re asking for – a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral.”

For more info on the Dragon Age universe,  be sure to visit the official website.

Fans of the franchise can also receive the latest updates on the series by following Dragon Age on Twitter and Facebook.

Game Review: Towns

18 Sep , 2012,

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First came holy Minecraft and shortly after, Terraria.

This year, say hi to Towns – the town building game with a twist of creativity involved.

If Terraria is for the platform fans, then it is quite safe to assume that Towns will appeal to the folks who like city building game with a touch of resource management, defense building and a little adventuring. It plays like an RTS – almost.

Edited Picture from

The foundation of the game is largely similar to most conventional RTS. There are civilians who are the workhorse of your economy as they go round gathering resources and construct your structures block by block. Then there are guards which have to convert from the pool of civilians.

Guards protect your population, patrol the town or become supervisors, which basically force the poor peasants work harder. And there heroes that are attracted to the settlement. Heroes comes in different classes and can gain skills based on their level and class. Heroes will actively seek out hostile mobs to do battle with.

The main objective of the game is survival and the player is forced to make decisions based on the terrain and resource distribution on the map. While it is understood that resources is the key to winning the game, the player is also confronted with the problem of over extension.

There will only be that many civilians attracted to the town based on the amount of accommodation that have been constructed. And guards are drawn from the pool of civilians in the town. It can be a daunting task for a handful of guards to guard a large amount of territory even when they are properly armed.

To reduce the workload of the player, the developers created a set of parameters which the players can toggle with. From priority settings to stockpile refills.

This works really well for the manufacturing component of the game. However, the overall AI still needs improvement.

Especially when it comes down to civilians working on construction projects, mining and resource gathering or dealing with hostile mobs. This often leads to high “accidental” deaths rates of the population which is tedious to replace.

The heroes on the other hand, have better survival mechanisms as compared to the town folks. They flee from battle once their health goes down to critical levels. But then again,heroes are heroes for a reason, no?

The game in general is a really good time black hole. It is definitely here to stay and really hard for anyone to get bored with when it is designed for fans of city building games with a touch of tower defense without fancy bells and whistles.

While survival is the main stay of the game, players will also get to enjoy expressing their creativity as they built their town against the increasing difficulty of the game. Another plus to the title is every game starts with a randomly generated map. In other words, no two game of Towns can be played the same way.

If you are already keen on getting this game, it can be purchased from their website for US$20. The game is has been given the Greenlight approval to be sold on Steam.

Score: 7.2/10

Source: Official Website

Review: Abbott RevitaLens Ocutec

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Wearing contacts lenses is part and parcel of being a cosplayer. Unless you’re portraying Joe Average, chances are the characters you pick have eye colors that are anything but the same shade as your own. I know, because I’m a compulsive game & fantasy cosplayer, and characters I gravitate to have increasingly outrageous eye colors like lime green and royal purple.

Of course, keeping those contact lenses clean, comfortable and safe for wear’s a given (and the safe approach’s sticking to one brand of fluids since I’ve got super sensitive eyes), but I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the brands I’ve been using.

So when I was given the chance to review Abbott’s RevitaLens Ocutec solution, I said ‘Hey, why the hell not?’.

The review pack for Abbott RevitaLens Ocutec solution. It comes bundled with a contact lens case, and as a cosplayer, you can never have enough contact lens cases. XD

As it turns out, taking the gamble was a pretty good idea. My eyes didn’t feel dry or irritable, and the lenses felt a whole lot more comfortable going on, and staying on, even after a full 12-hour day at a con.

Yep. I’m using ’em with my iFairys now.

Guess I’ll definitely be using this brand a whole lot more often. ^_^;;

STGCC 2012 Cosplayers Tribute Fan Video

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Every year, we put out a video featuring cosplayers at STGCC, and this year’s no different.

So here it is, and it’s the product of hours of blood, sweat and tears by our much abused resident Pack Elk, who sacrificed hours of potential cosplay fun to put this video together. (It’s…it’s not like I’m praising him or admitting that he’s super duper awesome and dedicated or anything).

So enjoy, and be sure to let us know if you’re one of the cosplayers featured in it!

TGX and Cos X 2012

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The Games Xpo (TGX) 2012 saw gamers and e-sports enthusiasts making the trek to Singapore Expo, where cyber athletes did battle in the Singapore leg of the World Cyber Games (WCG).

The event also played host to the annual Cos X competition organized by Movie Mania, which saw more than 20 participants in costumes inspired by anime and video games competing for cash prizes as high as $2,800 for the Western title, and $1,500 for the Eastern title.

The con was rather sedate compared to the year before, and didn’t feature quite as many games and exhibitors as it did the year before, and we were surprised to discover that big names like Garena and Electronic Arts (EA) weren’t on the scene (Cherry Credits did have a sizeable booth, though).

There was also a smaller offering of computer and consumer products this year, markedly down from last year, and the game competitions (which included games DotA 2, Starcraft II and others) also seemed a little skimpy by comparison.

Of course, while the con didn’t feature quite as much content game-wise, Cos X proved to be the draw of the day with cosplayers and event goers alike flocking to the stage to catch a glimpse of the action.

Crowd favorites in Cos X included Gundam Unicorn and Guan Yu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (which won the grand prize for the Eastern category), and Mistress of Pain from Diablo III, which took home the Western title.

Other characters that made an appearance included Diablo, Crimson’s very own Tyrael (which we blogged about here), Ironman, and even Power Rangers.

The cosplay component certainly made the con much more entertaining, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to it again next year.

Check out our some of these from the event!

Additional photos are also available in our album on Facebook.