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How to prime your armor

20 Apr , 2013,
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Blue EVA’s really great for making fantasy armor, but achieving the fantasy look and affecting the feel of  metal, scales or stone can be tricky, especially for novice crafters and first-time foam builders.

As we’ve discovered, one way to enhance the illusion is priming, which not only minimizes the pores on your EVA and evens out the surfaces for paint, but also, depending on what you use, creates some really good textures.

Crimson put together this simple tutorial demystifies the priming process. Hope it helps! ^_^


White glue dries smooth and clear. Here’s how three coats of white glue looks like.

What you’ll need:

1. PVA glue (Elmer’s Glue-All or white school glue)

2. A container

3. A soft brush (you can use your fingers too!)

Step 1:

Pour PVA glue into a container. And whatever you do, DON’T ever add water. Diluting PVA glue with water creates air bubbles, which may affect your finish. ^_^;;


PVA glue’s our all-purpose primer!

Step 2:

Using a soft bristle brush, apply PVA glue liberally to your armor.

Make sure you cover all exposed surfaces!

Make sure you cover all exposed surfaces!

Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick. Pay attention especially to gaps and furrows, and places where the edging and filigree are joined to the base shape.

Step 3:

Let the glue dryYou can accelerate the drying by placing your armor pieces near a fan or window.

You can repeat Step 2 and Step 3  as many times as you like. Each additional coat of white glue enhances the smoothness of your finish.

We typically use three coats on our armor pieces.


To create bone or hide armor, consider using contact glue (yellow shoe glue). Contact glue dries rough and can simulate fibers, which creates a more organic effect.

For stone or lava, you can mix acrylic paints into white glue, which results in a crackled finish when it dries fully.

When contact glue dries, it creates a rough, leathery finish. Apply multiple layers with surface run-off to create more organic textures!

When contact glue dries, it creates a rough, leathery finish. Apply multiple layers with surface run-off to create more organic textures!

Durango Details in May

9 Apr , 2013,
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Microsoft set to announce details of the next Xbox, code named Durango, in May.

According to Paul Thurrott’s latest podcast, Microsoft is going to hold an event on May 21st to announce the details of the latest Xbox. Thurrott speculates that the Microsoft may offer two price plans. A 500 USD off the shelf purchase or 300 USD for subscription based model.

Microsoft will be releasing the new Xbox in November, just at the start of the holiday season.

What about the “always-on” bit?

Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft Studios, had speculated at great lengths on “always on” devices is the new norm before he given the gag order. So, #dealwithit.

Game Review: Tekken Card Tournament

8 Apr , 2013,
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Tekken Card Tournament is out for Android, iOS and browser.

If you’re a Tekken fan, card collector or a mobile game fan, this is one title for you.

Welcome to the world of Tekken Card Tournament.

The mechanics is pretty complex for a TCG. Players work around the strengths of their characters and not play into the hand of the opponent. Characters like Paul do massive massive damage but he is slow in building up cards. On the contrary, Nina relies on card advantage to pull off her abilities and combos but with a few cards, she is a damsel in distress.

New cards are bought from the card shop using credits and gold earned from matches against the AI and other players. Deck building is an integral part of the game as it changes the combat style of each character.

There are eight characters for players to choose from and each of them have a unique play style.

We heard that Namco Bandai will be releasing physical Tekken cards which are compatible with Tekken Card Tournament! Keep your eyes peeled this summer.

Playing game is free! Just download from GooglePlay or App Store and you’re on the way to be the next Tekken Card Tournament champion. If you really like the game, give Katsuhiro Harada, the man behind Tekken a shout!

“Fight you soon!”

Links: Tekken Card Tournament