A Location a Week: Rail Tracks

19 Jun , 2011,
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In my previous A Location a Week article, I mentioned an alluvial, green expanse along Queensway. Now, not more than 400 meters away, tucked away at the terminus of an overgrown parking lot, is a connector to the KTM rail tracks.

1. Railroading

These tracks extend into the horizon, converging at a single point. It’s flanked by greenery – trees to the left and right, and gravel. It’s an optimal location for scenes depicting waif-like runaways, grunge fashion and emo characters, as well as a prime spot for a combat or chase scene.

2. Getting there:

This location is accessible by buses 51, 61, 93, 100, 123, 147, 153, 196, 198, 642, 855 and 961. Look out for Bus Stop Number 11021, right after Queensway Shopping Centre, and the Alexandra Fire Station . The nearest MRT station is Queenstown, and you can take bus 51 from Queenstown MRT station, from the bus stop at Exit A (to the left, exiting the control station gantry).

Once you’ve reached the area, follow the tarmac path. It navigates through an area that was formerly a car park that’s also not a bad location at all for a cosplay photo shoot, and past that, a small construction site. You’ll eventually come to a roundabout with a wrinkled old tree near it, just to the right of that is the rail track access.

Railway tracks that seem to go on forever! XD

Here's where you get off the bus. XD

You want to take a left here. It's only several meters from the bus stop.

Go through here, and follow the path to the very end.