A real life World of Warcraft experience? :o

11 Feb , 2011,
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Terrain of Warcraft - Screencap of Concept Art from Joyland World's webby.

According to a report from Gamespot Asia, China is set to launch a Starcraft and Warcraft themed amusement park in about two month’s time.

Sounds pretty sketchy if you ask me, but if they can rip off Gundam, they can rip off anything.

If you’re feeling curious, check out the Joyland World webby here. It’s in mandarin, though, and a bitch to navigate.

Me, I’m just hoping the safety standards they’re going to put into place are a whole lot more reliable than their publicity mechanism, considering China’s history of construction blunders.

Unless, of course, the ones in charge of the project are Gnomes, in which case, take cover!