All Agog Over Goggles

21 Sep , 2011,
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If you’ve read our Steampunk Goggles Tutorial, and if you’ve actually tried your hand at crafting a pair of your own, we’d love to showcase your work on The Neo Tokyo Project.

Simply post a picture of it on the wall of our Facebook fan page, label it “My Steampunk Goggles – by <YOUR NAME HERE>”. What’s more, the creator of the pair of goggles voted most awesome by our fans and readers will waltz away with a spanking steampunk prize.

This contest closes on 31st October (that’s when voting begins), so get to designing and crafting if you haven’t!

To start things off, here’s an idea from our part-time warrior Joey.

My Steampunk Goggles - by Joey Lim.

Good luck, folks. Cheerio!