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18 Feb , 2011,
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So Now You're a Zombie. But can you read? XD - Cover Art

Everyone wants to be a vampire.

After the fiasco that was Twilight, being a pretty boy that sparkles in the sun’s kinda the in thing.

But if you’re into the undead, and you’ve seen zombie movies, then you’ll know that travesties like Edward Cullen aside, shambling around and going “Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss~!” ain’t half bad.

That is, until you come up against gung-ho survivor types and pesky high school kids who refuse to stand still so you can take a chomp outta them.

And that’s why So Now You’re a Zombie is such a godsend.

I noticed this book at the reservations counter in Ngee Ann City’s Kinokuniya, whilst hunting for a buncha books at its discount sale (which is on from now till the 20th, by the way).

It turned out to be a great read, chock full of helpful tips for the fresh zombie, a healthy dose of pop culture references and injokes, as well as digs at 2010’s obsession with the walking dead.

(2011, of course, is plagued by its own share of zombies. Just look at Koreha Zombie Desuka, the upcoming survival horror game Dead Island, and well, Minecraft).

Man, if only being a zombie were this easy.

Suffice to say, So Now You’re a Zombie takes a bite outta self-help books (which tend to appeal to real life zombies anyway), and the end result, with its goofy illustrations, charts and diagrams, is just too funny to pass up.

Hell, it’s even educational.

The only thing is, I’m wondering if zombies even know how to read.

Definitely a great gift idea for Romero fanboys and peeps who’ve got the Z-bug.

Also, a great reference for writers gunning for the whole tongue-in-cheek thing.

It’s a parody with brains.