An EVA foam Corset

10 Jun , 2013,
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The corset is an indispensable part of a female cosplayer’s wardrobe and it’s perfect for a variety of genres – be it fantasy, steampunk, swashbuckling on the high seas.

In this tutorial, Angelus shows you just how easy it is to craft a corset of your own, out of a single sheet of blue EVA foam.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. Blue EVA foam

2. A pair of sharp nosed scissors

3. Contact glue

4. Cling film or newspaper

5. Masking tape or packing tape

6. A marker

7. Craft foam

8. Soldering tool

Step 1:

We’ll create the base shape first. Wrap a dress form sized for your body and physique, or your own body with cling film (or newspaper).

We’re using an inflatable dress form in this one, but if you want a really snug fit, you’ll have to wrap yourself up instead. Be sure to ask a friend for help!

Next, go over it with a layer of masking tape or packing tape. Make sure the fit’s comfortably tight.

Here’s how it looks when you’re done with the wrapping!

Step 2:

Using the marker, draw out the base panels of your corset. You’ll want to trace around the bust, abdomen and waist areas.

Draw out the approximate shape with a marker.

Next, cut out the panels carefully, one at a time.

Carefully cut out each panel with a pair of sharp-nosed scissors.

You’ll end up with several pieces like these.

Step 3:

It’s time to cut out the foam pieces!

Using the base shapes you’ve created as a template, replicate the shapes onto EVA foam.

Trace out the patterns, and cut them out! ^_^

Your corset's almost ready to be assembled! ^_^

You’ll end up with 11 pieces like so. And this means your corset’s almost ready to be assembled! ^_^

Step 4:

Start joining the pieces together with contact glue.


Start with the side panels first. ^_^;;

Affix the side panels to the front piece next, and adjust to fit.

Affix the side panels to the front piece next, and adjust to fit.

Finally, attach the breast cups and you're done!

Finally, attach the breast cups.

Step 5:

To add eyelets holes for lacing up your corset, simply reinforce the back panels with craft foam. You can then use a soldering tool to create the eyelet holes.

Photo 10-6-13 1 56 36 PM

Just add craft foam, before punching your eyelets with a heated soldering tool.

You can use either ribbons, shoelaces, leather straps or anything you like to lace up your corset.

Photo 10-6-13 1 56 42 PM

Lace it up, and you’re done!

You can also use a zip at the back of your corset (just contact glue it to the sides of the foam) to hold it together instead of laces, if you prefer.

Step 6:

Now, add detailing, paint and decorate your corset. Be as creative as you want, and you can create a variety of elaborate shapes and designs to suit practically any genre.

This pattern is also suitable for making female chest armor, just like below.

With the right kind of design and treatment, your corset can become a bronze breastplate!

Happy crafting! ^_^