Archer Bow Tutorial

21 Aug , 2012,
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Singapore’s 2nd Annual Cosplay Chess is playing at International Cosplay Day Singapore this weekend, and one of the requests we had was for a bit of help with our Black Pawn – Archer’s bow.

After using our own “Reinforcement” and “Projection” magecraft to create the bow, we decided to put this tutorial together so anyone who feels like giving this a go might be able to do so fairly quickly.

This tutorial will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. A short length of PVC pipe of reasonable thickness.

2. Some shoe horns from Daiso

3. A square of PP (polypropylene) board

4. 6 binding screws

5. Two rolls of blue EVA foam

6. Some craft foam for detailing

7. Some black elastic thread

You’ll also need a soldering iron, scissors, contact glue, hot glue and other basic craft tools.

Step 1:

Measure and cut out a length of pvc pipe about a foot long. This piece of pipe will be used as the basis of your grip and handle for the bow.

You’re using the PVC pipe as a bridge for both shoe horns.

The thickness of the pipe should conform nicely to the fattest part of the shoe horn.

Step 2:

Draw out the base for two handles on PP board and cut it out. Don’t forget to mark out two spots (on either end of the handle) where you will be attaching the boards to your length of pipe with binding screws.

Draw out this shape (it kinda looks like a bag handle), and cut it out.
Be sure you make two (2) of these.

You’ll be sandwiching your PVC pipe with these later. Kinda like so.

Step 3:

Now that we have all the basic shapes out of the way, it’s time to start creating the entire structure.

First of all, use a pencil to mark out the various areas you’ll be soldering through for the binding screws.

You will need to mark out six (6) spots total. Two (2) on either side to bind the pipe and shoe horns together, and two (2) on the cross-section for the handle.

Step 4:

Punch holes through the places you marked on the pipe, the shoe horn, and the PP board with a soldering iron.

Push the heated soldering iron through all the way, and wiggle it about to expand the size of the hole if you have to.

Connect the pieces together first by using binding screws to join the shoe horns to your pipe, then the pp board handles you cut out. It’s a pretty easy and intuitive process.

Start assembling everything by securing the parts together with binding screws.

Sometimes, your binding screw might be a tad loose, so use hot glue to secure the wobbly bits in place.

Step 5:

Wrap the base structure with blue EVA foam pieces cut to shape, and create the details by layering on craft foam where necessary. Paste them on with contact glue.

Cut out individual pieces of blue EVA foam, and wrap them around the handles, pipe and other portions to create details.

We’re adding on more details, like this knuckle shield.

And here’s the end result, before priming and painting.

Step 6:

Once you’ve primed and painted the prop, snip off a length of black elastic thread, and tie it on to simulate the bow string.

You’re done! We even made a Hrunting to go with it. How cool is that? XD

And that’s it. How’s that for a little more than an hour’s work? XD