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7 Jan , 2011,
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Behold the Ophion! XD

Here’s a shout out to Kit, the genius behind Kitsabers who made me this kickass lightsaber, which I’ve dubbed the Ophion.

I commissioned this bad boy from him back in December, when I started messing around with FightSaber, a local theatrical group that does Star Wars themed combat choreography live, on stage.

While I handled the schematics and design, Kit was the one who put up with my unreasonable demands, and cobbled everything together, and just in time for Singapore’s EOY2010 too.

Kit’s lightsabers are stunt ready, capable of handling full contact sparring thanks to the super resilient polycarbonate blade (polycarbonate is a material used to make bullet proof glass and industrial grade components).

They’re also incredibly balanced, some three inches above the hilt, which traditional swordsmiths will attest, is the perfect pivot point for a real blade. How cool is that?

He can even stick in sound boards, strip lights, and frills that will make your lightsaber look and sound as authentic as the real deal.

A closer look at the handle and curved hilt.

Note the grip and the thumb guard. XD

If you’re into Star Wars, and don’t feel like being a generic Jedi with your LucasArts endorsed Force FXes,  or if you want a custom piece that screams you, you, you that you can show off to your friends, be sure to check out Kit’s work.

The Force is strong in him, IMO.