Breaking Borders

20 Feb , 2011,

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SHINYA, one of the acts at Stage Without Borders

It was tough growing up as a creative dude in the ’90s.

Opportunities were few and far between, grants skimpy, and being labeled an artist or writer was akin to a cuss word.

And that’s why it’s heartening to discover just how much the local scene’s changed in the past couple years, exactly how many new arts initiatives and avenues are available for young peeps to showcase their talents.

One of these ways, as I discovered yesterday, was Stage Without Borders, an event organized by GRID MMS  and staged along Orchard Road, right outside Wisma Atria.

Into it’s second year, Stage Without Borders is a talent show that puts some of the best local talent on parade, bringing their music and dance routines to the public.

The amazing, silky voiced Cindy Gomez - definitely a crowd pleaser.

It also offers an opportunity for groups such as Parkour, Capoeira, Nerf and costuming enthusiasts to demonstrate their abilities, as well as for these fringe participants to gain some solid exposure.

Doesn’t hurt that the gigs featured at Stage Without Borders are pretty kickass, and that there’s a fair amount of groovin’, rockin’ and excitement to be had either.

If you like live music, then hey, for the next couple weekends you’re gonna have a chance to get plenty at Stage Without Borders.

Photographers who want to catch a glimpse of cosplayers and the cool cats from Movie Mania doing their thang might wanna check it out too.

Here are some other photos I took at the event:

Have you seen the Gingerbread Man? XD

A Traceur wowing the crowd with his acrobatic moves.

What's a gig without a dance-off?

More details about Stage Without Borders and their upcoming events can be found here.