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3 Oct , 2011,
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With the dearth of comic conventions in Singapore, it was inevitable that I’d check out Comics Xchange (CXC) 2011 despite my crazy weekend schedule.

Grabbed this brochure at the door. XD

Touted as an event “where the greatest comic talents converge”, CXC saw artists in the local scene such as Kelvin Chan (rocketraygun), Noval Hernawan and Ray Racho, doujin groups Comix Pandora, Daiyaku and Collateral Damage Studios gracing the bazaar in Goodman Art Centre’s Block J.

Just a quick peek into the bazaar area.

Guests such as Benjamin Ang, Singapore’s first Marvel artist, and Aravind Menon, the creator of Salvation Sam, were also on hand to offer their insights in a series of paid seminars.

I have to confess one of the real reasons I was at CXC was because brochures claimed “over 100 cosplayers from CosAsia” would be in attendance. It would have been a definite crowd puller, so I was a little disappointed to discover that the venue was devoid of all save one costumed individual minding the CosAsia booth near the stage.

LFM 100 cosplayers for CXC...

Pity this was the only one.

The boys from FightSaber were around though, prepping for their stunts and performances on stage, so that livened things up a little (check out their CXC performance here).

Nothing beats geeking out to a good, old fashioned lightsaber duel. Photo credit: Mezame/FightSaber

All in all, it wasn’t an entirely bad event.

Sure, there were some shortfalls – the venue was kinda outta the way (which probably accounted for the lack of human traffic), and the cosplay bit could have been much better managed – but the seminars seemed pretty darned good.

I’m actually keeping my fingers crossed and hoping there’s a Comics Xchange next year, because things can only get better.