Chris Roberts is Back

12 Oct , 2012,
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If you are a gamer in from the 1990s or fans of the Wing Commander series and Privateer, you will have definitely heard about Chris Roberts. Now, he is back on his old trade, making a new Space Sim and he is asking for your support after ditching game publishers.

Star Citizen will incorporate elements from EVE Online and an ever growing universe. The game is also going to be an “online game” and the gamers will have the opportunity to mod and contribute to the game universe. Who knows what else Roberts might pull out from his sleeve in the near future. This might be one hell of a sandbox game. Check out Roberts Space Industry to pledge your support or find out more about game.

The game is dead set to be a PC exclusive. Maybe, console gamers should try bribing him with cookies. Alpha and Beta builds might be available in late 2013. If you are going to sit out for a full release, we can only assume that it should be out in 2014.

Updates 19 Oct 2013: Star Citizen is now available on Kickstarter. This is after the original funding website went down on opening day.