Cloth, cloth and more cloth

10 Feb , 2011,
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People's Park, where some of the best deals can be found.

If there’s one material us cosplayer types can’t live without, it’s cloth.

We use up whole yards of it when we’re working on new costumes, or that new look for events, so little wonder, then, that when it comes to shopping for fabrics, we’re willing to spend, spend, spend.

There are several avenues for us cosplayers to get ahold of cloth, of course. You can leave the purchasing in the hands of their tailors, or pick up a variety in different shades, hues and textures from Spotlight.

But if you’re interested in checking things out on your own (and nothing beats doing that), then you’ll definitely want to head down to People’s Park, right smack in the heart of Chinatown.

1. Getting there

Hitting People’s Park is a breeze.┬áIt’s right next to the Chinatown MRT station, if you leave via Exit C.

You can also hop on services like 54, 124, 145, 147, 166, 190, 851, 961, alighting at Eu Tong Sen Street, or 51, 143, 174, 186, alighting along Upper Cross Street.

For those who want an address to plonk into their iPhones, it’s Blk 32, New Market Road, Singapore 050032, so don’t you forget it!

2. Cloth Heaven, here I come!

With more than 30 shops selling textiles and sewing supplies on the 2nd floor, it’s one of the greatest places to pick up material, accessories, and odds and ends for your cosplay needs, and your journey through this cloth paradise invariably starts from the escalator on the ground floor, by the entrance to the People’s Park food center.

Lots and lots of cloth! XD

And to help new and old cosplayers alike navigate the shops in this great locale, here’s a handy guide singling out some of my personal favorites.

a. Brighton Accessories House (#02-1098/1160)

Occupying two frontages on opposite sides of each other, Brighton carries a plethora of bits and pieces essential for adding the finishing touch to your latest cosplay costume.

It stocks jewelry settings, rhinestones, feathers, chains, leather twine thick enough to make a convincing whip, bushy wolf tails, and lots (and I mean lots and lots) of lace perfect for pulling off the Victorian look.

It sure helps that the shopkeepers are friendly too.

Brighton Accessories - easily recognizable by the sheer variety of materials by its shopfront. XD

b. Eng Cheng Textiles (#02-1150)

One of the few shops that carry synthetic leather in several colors, this is the place to go to if you’re looking for something with that kinda finish.

c. Teoh Huat Textile (#02-1144)

One of the largest, and most well stocked shops at People’s Park has got to be Teoh Huat Textile and it’s sister shop Guan Lee Textile, both recognizable by their distinct orange signboards.

Teoh Huat has a wide selection of imported fabrics, including several varieties of high quality silks, downy black fur, denim, and other things.

The prices at Teoh Huat might be a little on the high side, but there’s usually nothing finer.

d. Lee Ann Textiles (#02-1110)

Tucked in a niche on the right side of People’s Park’s 2nd level, Lee Ann Textiles offers some of the best deals on stage ready satin, as well as a selection with floral prints.

Prices at Lee Ann are affordable without compromising quality, and it’s no secret that Lee Ann’s one of the shops of choice for cosplay tailors, as well as people in the fashion line.

Lee Ann Textiles - a hot favorite amongst cosplay tailors. XD

And that’s it for our first look at People’s Park.

I promise you, there’s definitely gonna be a Round 2.

But until then, cosplay friends, happy shopping!