Colored Metallic Pleather

2 Jul , 2011,
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It's hard to be metallic purple, especially if pleather doesn't come in that shade XD

Sometimes, it’s hard to get pleather with the right tint you want, especially if you’d like for it to have a shiny, metallic look. I found this out recently when I was working on creating my Rogue Tier 4 Netherblade armor from World of Warcraft.

It’s something that’s practically impossible to achieve with dyes (pleather just doesn’t dye well), but fret not. Today we’ll be exploring one method of coloring leather, whilst retaining it’s shiny finish. What’s more, it’s easy to do!

This tutorial will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

First off, you will need the following items:

1. Textured silver pleather – Available from Gim Joo Textile Company Pte Ltd., in Jalan Sultan.

2. Some kitchen sponges – available for $2 from Daiso.

3. Acrylic paint in the shade you want – available for $8 a tube from Art Friend or other craft stores.

4. You’ll also need a hairdryer for post-painting touch-up.

Silver pleather...

Some Daiso kitchen sponges...

And paint. All you'll ever need. XD

Step 1:

Clean the surface of your pleather material with a piece of slightly damp cloth. This will get rid of any impurities or dirt that may interfere with the coloring process.

Step 2:

Mix your acrylic paint to the right shade. In this case, we’re going for a shade of purple, and that’s achieved by mixing red and blue acrylic paints.

Mix 'em all up, into the color you want.

Dab a bit of acrylic paint onto the soft edge of your kitchen sponge, and apply lightly onto pleather or a pleather item with broad strokes. For an even coat, brush only in the same direction.

Only apply a little acrylic at a time. Too much will result in blotching and uneven patches.


Use only the soft edge of the sponge! Using the hard edge results in bad stuff happening to your pleather. 😡

Keep brushing, but in the same direction. It's potentially messy, but it's fun. XD

Step 3:

Apply heat with a hair dryer. Heat the painted area for about 30 seconds, evenly going over the entire surface in a circular fashion. This will help the acrylic set faster, and also help contribute to a weathered finish.

Just heat it, just heat it! XD

And there you have it. Pleather that’s got a metallic shine, in a color you actually want.