Cosplay Competition: Cos X

24 Aug , 2011,
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The Games Xpo - Promotional image

So our news gathering ninjas just got back to us with a juicy bit of information about upcoming event The Games Xpo (TGX).┬áThere’s gonna be a cosplay competition, so cosplay friends take note!

Here’s the lowdown, based on what we’ve gotten from our sources.

1. Date’s set for the 10th of September (actual date TBC).

2. Competition’s open to all cosplayers from any series, though game related cosplay will score big with the judges (like DUH! It’s a PC gaming event). If you’ve got a Duke Nukem or DOTA outfit to dust off, now’s the time!

3. There’s gonna be 5 prizes, with the top prize being $1,000 cash. And that’s a LOAD of cash.

4. It’s gonna be done pageant style, so it’s all about poses, poses, poses so start coming up with some right now!

Don’t you love exclusives? I sure do!

Full details for the registration should be up in a couple days, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then, cheerio!