Cos X @ TGX 2011

31 Aug , 2011,
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Cos X - Official artwork

We’ve had our news gathering ninjas out chasing down details about Cos X at this years The Games Xpo, and we’ve managed to get the lowdown on this cosplay competition.

Check it out!

The following details are replicated from the event organizer’s website.


  • 10 September 2011,  5pm- 6.30pm


  • Registration period will begin on 31st August 2011 (Wednesday)
  • Submit your registration via email to and registration will close on 9th September 2011 (Friday), midnight.
  • The details of the registration shall include your full name, sex, character name, origin of character (e.g. game/anime/etc) and contact number(s).
  • You will receive a reply within the next day.
  • We shall contact you prior to the competition to confirm your attendance.
  • All competition correspondences shall be communicated via the above email address.


  • 1st Prize: $1000
  • 2nd Prize: $500
  • 3rd Prize: $200
  • 4th Prize: $100
  • 5th Prize: $50
  • Prizes will be advertised as such on The Games Xpo website


  • There will be three (3) judges and they are from Movie Mania, Rapture
    and Vizpro.
  • Judging will be based on the following breakdown
    • Costume Accuracy     30%
    • Role-play Accuracy     30%
    • Performance Flair     20%
    • Audience Response     10%
    • Game Character Bonus     10%
  • Judges will eliminate contestants in the First Round and decide on the five
  • The public shall be asked to vote for the top 3 winners and each person will
    be allowed to vote only one time for each finalist.


  • Contestants are to be ready 30 minutes before stage time (4:30PM).
  • Contestants will be introduced on stage one at a time with their respective CD/MP3 music, if available.
  • Contestants will introduce themselves and the characters they are cosplaying.
  • Contestants will be given 20 seconds to strike 3 poses for the cameras and impress the judges to move them into the 2nd round.
  • Judges will be given some time to deliberate on which 5 contestants will go into the finals.
  • The remaining finalists will be given more stage time to act out their roles and impress both the judges and the audience.
  • The emcee will ask the public to come forward and cast their votes for the finalists.
  • Each voting person will be stamped upon voting for each finalist and the votes will be placed in transparent boxes. The votes will be counted and the final results shall be consolidated.
  • Audience vote will account for 50% and the judges will select the top winner.
  • Decision of the judges shall be final.

Registration starts today, so get to it if you haven’t! This warlock will be at the competition too, so hope to see you there! XD

Until TGX, cosplay friends. Cheerio!