Cosplay Chess 2011

28 Nov , 2011,
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All the sweat, blood and tears (and dramatic dearth of blog entries) paid off yesterday, when Singapore’s first ever Cosplay Chess game went live on stage.

Presented this year by Haru House during the Haru Anniversary Party, Cosplay Chess 2011 pitted the forces of galactic pretty boy Takuto Tsunashi (played by Maverick Villenguez) and the Highlord of Acherus Darion Mograine (played by yours truly) against each other in an epic battle between Light and Darkness.

Cosplay Chess 2011 was a first in many ways.

It was the first time ever that 32 Singaporean cosplayers portraying characters from anime, comic books, games and manga were assembled on the same stage, for a theatrical production that spanned close to 2 hours and incorporated some 27 different fight sequences.

It was also the first time we at The Neo Tokyo Project directed and choreographed a performance of this scale, and we’re definitely hoping to do better next year.

Here’s a shout out to the performers (you know who you are), the crew from Project Zen who helped out with prop maintenance, repairs, and backstage footage, Operation PAniC for their great videos of the game (check it out below), and last but not least, Haru House, for graciously hosting us at their event.

Here’s the chess game, in all it’s glory: