Crafting a Gauntlet: Part I

16 Jun , 2012,
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With Fate being such a popular series, it’s inevitable that someone would pop the question – how exactly do you make Saber’s gauntlets? In today’s tutorial, we’ll attempt to answer that question.

Here’s a reference pic! XD

Saber’s gauntlet is actually pretty generic. It’s fairly reminiscent of plate gauntlets popularized by knightly fiction and fantasy stories, and that’s exactly why crafting one’s pretty easy.

This tutorial will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. Some blue foam

2. A black glove that extends up to the elbow (cheap ones from Daiso will do)

3. Contact glue

A pair of cheap gloves, some foam, and frills. That’s all you really need! ^_^

Step 1:

Let’s get started with the gauntlet base. We’ll begin with the finger guards first. Cut out some scale-shaped pieces of blue foam.

It should look kinda like this.

These scales should conform to about the size of your finger joints (you’ll need to trim them down to size). You’ll need 5 slightly longer ones, 5 not so long ones, 4 short ones, and 1 single large one (you’ll use this for something else later).

You’ll end up with 15 pieces, like so.

Don’t forget to make angled cuts along the edges of the wedges so they plane inwards!

Step 2:

Next, we’ll paste on the scales to create the finished gauntlet base.

Pull on your glove, and while wearing it, paste each scale on one at a time using contact glue.

Hold the scale in place until the glue sets. In all, you will be using 2 pieces for the thumb, and 3 pieces for each of the other fingers.

This could take a little while, so be patient!

When you’re done, you’ll end up with something like this.

Your basic gauntlet structure, done.

Step 3:

Now for a bit of detailing. You should have the one large foam scale left. Cut this foam scale up into 4 evenly sized strips, and paste this onto the knuckles area of your gauntlet.

It’s shaping up pretty nicely now, isn’t it?

And we’re essentially done with Saber’s gauntlet base!

You can use these easy steps to create any kind of gauntlet you want (since most gauntlets look the same). It’s all a matter of fleshing out the gauntlet base with additional detailing.

We’re gonna take a little break for now, cosplay friends, but be sure to check back over the weekend! We’ll be completing Saber’s gauntlet then, and you can be sure we’ll be posting a Part II really soon!

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