Crimson's 2011 Raiding Schedule

12 Apr , 2011,
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2011 sure has a ton of cosplay events – hell, it’s almost as if everyone’s upped and jumped onto the cosplay bandwagon all of a sudden.

First, there was the Singapore Comifest (which is coming back again in June, even), then there’s the Big Three (SOY, Cosfest and EOY), the gaming cons (License2Play and STGCC), and a smattering of smaller cons and gigs in between.

And with so many events on the cards, that means this warlock’s gonna be helluva busy, getting his getup together for June and beyond.

What does this mean? Well, it means that I’ve got to start working out which events I’m targeting, and the kinda costumes I’ll be packing. So here’s the list, if you folks ever see me on the show floor, and wanna say hi. XD

1. License 2 Play – Warlock T5 (Day 1 & 2), Sith Inquisitor (Day 3)

2. Cosfest – Rogue T4 (Day 1 & 2)

3. STGCC – Rogue T4 (Day 1), Steampunk Victorian (Day 2)

4. EOY – Steampunk Victorian (Day 1),┬áRogue T4 (Day 2)

I’ll probably be doing Sith Inquisitor (from Star Wars, Expanded Universe) for the smaller events, or just geek chic casual.

One thing’s for sure though. I’ll be hanging up my staff and warlock robes for a bit after License 2 Play. It’s been a good one year, and I think it’s time I started playing my rogue alt for a little bit. XD

How about you folks? What are your cosplay plans this year? I’ve love to find out!