Crimson's Floating Orb Tutorial

7 Apr , 2012,
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Just last week, we received a request to create Rin Kagamine’s staff from the Boss Death PV, which featured a floating orb suspended in the center of several golden hoops.

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the principles behind this bit of cosplay magic, and how you can adapt it to  arcane props and paraphernalia of your very own.

This tutorial will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. A hollow foam ball

2. Hot glue gun

3. Glue sticks

4. Some durable fishing line

5. Two or more rigid plastic tubes (about 2 inches long)

6. A bamboo skewer

All the things you'll need to create your own floating orb effect.

Step 1:

Press both halves of the foam ball together. Using hot glue, seal it up along the seams.

Join it up nice and neat!

Step 2:

We’ll work on the support structure next. Snip off about half a meter of fishing line, and thread it through one of rigid tubes.

You can give it a little bit of allowance, if you think you'll need a bit more slack later.

Thread it through like so.

Make sure the tube’s somewhere in the middle of the length of fishing line.

Step 3:

Bring both ends of the fishing line together, and make a knot.  Tie it off again several times to secure the knot in place.

Stick a bamboo skewer through the plastic tube, and snip it off to size. Seal both ends of the plastic tube with a dab of hot glue so the skewer’s secured in place.

You'll end up with something like this.

Repeat this process again to create a second support structure.

Step 4:

Using the bamboo skewer, bore a hole in the side of the foam ball that penetrates into the hollow center.

Once you've created the hole...

While holding onto both ends of  the fishing line, push the plastic part of the support structure through the hole (tamping it down with the bamboo skewer if you need to) until it’s on the inside of the foam ball.'s time to insert the support structure. Push it all the way in.

And here's how it'd look from the inside.

And it's "floating" now! Just like magic!

Step 5:

Repeat the process however many times you like until all your support structures are in place.

Put on the finishing touches by sealing the hole you’ve created with a bit of hot glue.

Tie off the fishing lines to the framework of your prop and you’re done!

Here's how it looks like on a prop! Try it with other shapes and designs too!