Demon Hunter Studio Shoot

31 May , 2012,
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Since it was Geek Pride Day last Friday, Angelus and I decided to get with the program and geeked out Diablo style in the green screen studio at Camwerkz. XD

I was itching to shoot my Demon Hunter in studio, since I wanted to work on some dynamic poses and to test out the suit’s flexibility and stunt readiness.

Since the Demon Hunter dual wielded crossbows I was also compelled to tote ’em gun kata style because it was the cool thing to do. (If you don’t know what gun kata is, just check this video out).

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Gotta love the amount of space we had to play with.

Here’s another take.

We had a full 20-ft of space (that’s almost 17-m) to play with, and that meant we could do some really fun stuff.

It took us two hours, almost 400 shots, and some solid DI (thanks to our friend Conjurer CJ from Project Zen) to execute our vision, but here’s the end result.

When a Demon Hunter uses Strafe with the Equilibrium rune, this is what happens. Kinda. XD

Also if you’re curious, here’s how we did the lighting and camera placements.

Here’s how we did the light and camera placements.

The secret was to use bulb mode and multiple exposures to snag the action, and to do it as cleanly as possible. Easy enough, yeah?

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