Enjoying Hokkaido Winter Wonderland by Train

9 Oct , 2012,

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If you have missed the virtual tour organized by Hokkaido Railway Company and Vivid Creations Pte Ltd, no worries. We bring you some snippets on what happened on Saturday.

Hokkaido Railways Company gave a couple of suggestions on how best to use the Hokkaido Rail Pass only available to tourist to get around the region. Both catered for people with different holiday plans.

A 7 day travel itinerary which visit various food locations, local hot spring in the middle of a lake and natural landscapes. And a shorter 5 day, which includes some winter sports under the beautiful scenery and try not to give Hakodate Illumination a miss.

Traveling by train is the safest and fastest way to get round the various tourist hotspots around Hokkaido!

Stay tuned on Hokkaido’s Facebook page. Check out other examples from JR Hokkaido on their website.