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Freakshow - Cover Art

The Smoke devastates a city and chokes the life out of its inhabitants.

It kills the world’s only superhero – Vanguard, the bulk of the population, and leaves the remainder horribly warped and scarred.

Struggling to survive within this post-apocalyptic framework are the heroes of Freakshow – a group of five individuals who’ve found themselves  suddenly gifted, or perhaps cursed with super powers of their own.

This motley crew has banded together, both to fight against military tormentors who have put the ruined city under quarantine, as well as to hunt down their leader, the enigmatic Dr. Gaghen.

It’s not an altogether unfamiliar story, but thanks to independent comic book writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing, Freakshow’s vibe is decidedly dark, and that’s what sets it apart from all the other titles out there.

There’s certainly plenty of  moral ambiguity in the mix, and plenty of twists to keep audiences guessing.

Dynamic paneling

And some killer character designs.

It also features great art, courtesy of Joe Suitor.

Suitor’s rendition of the characters – all ephemeral, tortured and twisted, were perfect for the story’s sinister tone. It’s complemented by his painting style, his devotion to detail, and clever use of color.

His mastery of paneling is also impressive. Action flows from frame to cinematic frame, creating seamless story flow.

Freakshow stands as a testament to quality creator-owned work.

Definitely worth a read, and then some.