Free Comic Book Day 2012

3 May , 2012,
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It’s time for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) again, and this year, we’ve got not one, not two, but five players in the market itching to give you, my geeky friends, loads and loads of freebies.

So what’s the game plan, and where should you head to get your comic fix Saturday?

For a start, there’s always GnB, an FCBD staple. They’ve got Ardian Syaf and Nicole Scott, both amazing, amazing DC artists in store for FCBD, where they’ll be meeting the fans and doing signings.

Not to be outdone is Invasion! Toys & Collectibles at Funan DigitaLife Mall. The store’s signed on local illustrator Shawn Yap (13wishes) for the event for prints and commissions.

Check out Shawn's take on The Avengers!

Shawn’s a cool dude who’s published his own work – the noir detective story  “Jack Doe: Anonymous” in 2009, a 2nd book titled “Closets”, and is looking to put out his third – “Letters”, this year.  He’s also worked on both video and tabletop games, and is looking to release his first card game soon.

Our friends from Harris Planerds have also announced that they’re doing FCBD in a big way. In addition to their anniversary sale, where you can get a whopping 60% discount from now till 20 May, Wendy Chew, better known by her online handle Mashi, as well as Rudy Ao, will be doing sketches at Planerds from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Walk-ins will also get grab bags with three free comics, while Planerds members will get a whopping twelve titles. How cool is that?

If you’re big on retail stores, and are in the vicinity of Books Kinokuniya, you can also check out their members only special for FCBD. On top of a 20% discount on comics for members, members are also eligible to pick up a free comic book bundle.

And finally, surprise, surprise. Our friends at Paradigm Infinitum are jumping into the comics and graphic novel market this FCBD. To celebrate the opening of their graphic novels section, they’re giving away comic books absolutely free. Yes, rather than just giving away FCBD goodies, they’re throwing in up to ten actual comic books from yesteryear. Can I say WOW!, or what?

Yep, this year’s FCBD is looking like a regular treasure haul. So it’s time to prep those bags of holding and bottomless sacks, folks.

We’ll see you at FCBD!