Game to be fit

17 Oct , 2011,

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What’s Fitocracy? Just the single most radical idea to get gamers off their couches and into the gym.

Created by two flab-turned-fab gamers, it’s a website that’s designed to motivate peeps to shed the pounds by converting boring fitness routines into fun activities that mirror what you might experience in an actual MMO.

Fitocracy makes getting fit's like leveling up in real life. XD

You unlock achievements when you exercise, and ‘level up’ when you meet prescribed goals, and there’s even anĀ in-built ‘quest tracker’, a web-based planner that allows you to keep tabs on your progress, and recommends ‘quests’ based on health level.

Guess I’ve got no excuse not to start working out now.

Check out the Fitocracy website here.