Gantz Cosplay Party

5 May , 2011,
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Gantz - Movie Poster

The good folks at Encore Films called me today, telling me that I’d been shortlisted for the Gantz Cosplay Party contest. XD

The event, to drum up publicity for the upcoming Gantz movie opening on Singapore’s screens on the 12th, is gonna be held at the Heeren this coming Sunday (8th May), and I’ll be making my second-to-last appearance in my Corruptor’s Raiment Warlock armor.

It’s also an event that promises fun and entertainment for all and sundry, at least according to the Encore Films/Gantz Singapore & Malaysia Facebook updates.

I’m counting on everyone’s support for the contest, so if you’re in the vicinity of Orchard, please, please, please, come vote for me during the stage segment from 4.30 pm to 5 pm at the Level 1 Stage area at The Heeren.  XD