I'mma take you down… to Chinatown

17 Feb , 2011,
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South Bridge Road, which we'll visit in a bit. XD

In my previous entry, I talked a bit about how People’s Park’s the place to be if you’re interested in getting cloth at a steal.

Today we’re gonna go for Round 2, sneaking a peek at some of the shops on the third floor of People’s Park, and then we’re gonna gonna venture a little further afield to South Bridge Road, as we hunt for some bling to go with our thang.

1. Getting there

Here’s a quick recap for those who need directions to textile heaven.

People’s Park is situated at Blk 32, New Market Road, Singapore 050032, and jigging down’s as easy as hopping the MRT and popping out Exit C.

You can also take buses 54, 124, 145, 147, 166, 190, 851 and 961, alighting at Eu Tong Sen Street, or 51, 143, 174 and 186, alighting along Upper Cross Street.

2. Cloth and more

Yes, People’s Park doesn’t just sell cloth.

The third floor is chock full of shops selling the latest in street fashion, accessories, and add ons that can make your cosplay costume come alive.

It’s also home to several small, homegrown boutiques, if you’re into alternative clothing labels.

That's a lot of mannequins! XD

a. Maple House (#03-1022)

One of the first shops you might want to visit on the third floor is Maple House, situated near the balcony overlooking the square.

It’s a shop specializing in cabaret costumes and frills, and you’ll find it easily enough. Just look for the row of colorfully dressed mannequins decked out in bling.

In addition to sequined dresses and exotic dancewear, Maple also stocks masquerade masks, hats, studded pleather and lace gloves, stockings, and a fair bit of costume jewelry ideal for accentuating your costume.

b. Peng Hin (S) Corporation (#03-1048)

Another shop specializing in accessories, Peng Hin stocks a decent sized collection of brooches and hair ornaments, as well as a variety of wigs in different shapes and cuts imported from Hong Kong and Korea.

Peng Hin - Wigs, wigs and more wigs.

You’ll find wigs suited for medieval or Victorian themed characters, replete with coifs and curls, as well as those of a more theatrical nature.

While you won’t find wigs in funky cosplay shades, the ones they do carry – in browns and blacks and blondes, aren’t half bad.

c. Sin Hwa Hung (#03-1104)

If there’s one thing Sin Hwa Hung has plenty of, it’s buttons.

This shop, with it’s loud, red signboard, stocks tons of the stuff – from buttons adorned with heraldric crests and curiously shaped whorls, to Chinese knots and exotic pieces studded with rhinestones.

If you’re looking for buttons to fit that military frock coat, or to cinch up that snap chain across your cloak, then there’s a good chance Sin Hwa Hung has what you’re looking for.

They also stock belt buckles, as well as a selection of laces and ribbons, making it a one stop shop for accessorizing.

Sin Hwa Hung - Better known as the House of Flying Buttons.

d. Thye Guan Textile (#02-1006)

Before we hit the road, we’re gonna revisit the second floor and Thye Guan Textile.

I meant to write about Thye Guan in my previous entry, but it was closed for the Lunar New Year the last time round.

More’s the pity too. It’s the only shop selling fabric that’s perfect for medieval and Renaissance style costumes.

Visit Thye Guan if you’re hunting for fabric that fits renaissance style dresses, arcane wizard’s robes, and the skirts of buxom tavern wenches.

If you’re going for something a little more chic, their satins are pretty nice too.

It also helps that prices at Thye Guan are reasonable.

3. And we’re blasting off again

We’re taking a hike along Eu Tong Sen Street, all the way to South Bridge Road, some ten minutes away.

Most buses that ply Eu Tong Sen Street will alight you about a block away, near Clarke Quay Central.

M.D. House. Don't know what M.D. stands for, but they sure got a ton of stuff! XD

You can also take the MRT, and alight at Clarke Quay station, before crossing the road and taking a really, really short walk.

South Bridge Road is home to several costume jewelry suppliers, and the two gems I’m gonna write about are probably the most well stocked of the lot.

a. M.D. House (54, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058685)

With it’s unobtrusive shop front, it’s hard to imagine that M.D. House sells costume jewelry of every stripe.

They carry an impressive variety of rings and pendants – both patterned and plain, necklaces, belts and buckles, all at wholesale prices.

Bring a friend. Hell, bring a few. You’re gonna need those extra eyes and hands just to sift through what they have, that’s for sure.

Lai Nguang - it's conveniently situated next to a famous BBQ restaurant too. XD

b. Lai Nguang Jewelry Pte Ltd (36, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058670)

In addition to rings, necklaces and pendants, Lai Nguang is also a wholesaler of materials for those interested in trying their hand at making cosplay jewelry.

Spools of wire, beads, precious stones, settings, clasps, hooks and all sorts of components are available at this store, stacked in neat, plastic drawers.

They’ve even got a membership program for regulars, so if you’re a dab hand at jewelcrafting, or if you don’t mind just giving it a go, be sure to check out Lai Nguang.

And that’s a wrap, folks. At least for Chinatown and it’s immediate environs. XD

But the quest for affordable, quality materials never ends, so we’re gonna keep roving and bargain hunting.

Until next month, cheerio!