Introducing the Otaku Camera!

16 Nov , 2012,
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Remember our friends from Tokyo Otaku Mode who did some really amazing coverage at International Cosplay Day Singapore? They’ve recently released a mobile app called Otaku Camera on the iOS.

Otaku Camera functions like most other camera apps out there, but instead of giving it a pretty LOMO feel or a range of filters, you get to play with a selection of manga panels,  frames and effects (so yes, you can mess around with captions and action lines and stuff like that). It’s actually pretty fun for cons, if you want to camwhore with your cosplay friends, and just want a bit of a twist.

Otaku Camera can be downloaded free from the iPhone app store. Additional effects may also be downloadable at a later time.

Check out some screen grabs from the app right here:

Main screen turn on!

Check out the range of panels available!

It’s pretty easy to just snap, snap away.

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