It's rad, it's mad, it's Realm of the Mad God!

19 Jul , 2011,
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Introducing Realm of the Mad God. XD

So thanks to a friend from my forum dwelling days, I’ve been introduced to the most amazing time waster ever.

What’s more, it’s web-based, flash driven, and most importantly, work friendly.

What I’m talking about is Realm of the Mad God, a browser based MMO game in the vein of old school 8-bit goodies like Gauntlet and Zelda.

It’s got a cult following and is steadily soaring in popularity, just like it’s 8-bit indie buddy Minecraft.

But instead of digging tunnels, building deathtraps filled with lava and dodging zombies, you take on the role of an adventurer transported by the Mad God Oryx into his realm as chattel for his minions.

Needless to say, you don’t take to becoming food kindly, and fight back!

I've got my robe and wizard hat on, and I'm here pew-pewing a boss (guy with the crown). XD

Initially, you can only play a wizard (with requisite robe, staff and wizard hat), but as you advance in levels, more jobs soon become available, such as the priest, archer and rogue.

There’s even advanced classes like the necromancer and sorcerer, who become available when you survive your way to level 20.

Yes. The aim of the game is to survive, because death in Realm of the Mad God is permanent.

I decided to go for a quick coffee break, and when I came back, my character had been ignominiously slain by a slime! The horror and indignity of it all!

Still, the game’s incredibly addictive, and since then, I’ve had my revenge spending hours and hours blasting Oryx’s nasties to kingdom come.

Dying kinda sucks. But you do get achievements and fame for it! XD Die enough, and you can rack up fame to buy some cool gear.

It helps that the music loop’s pretty catchy too, and the action’s really pretty intense, especially when you’re dealing with boss rank nasties.

If you dig something cool and retro like this, hope on over to the official Realm of the Mad God page to give this game a try.

I promise you, you’ll likely love it.