J-obsession 2012 @ The Cathay

2 Mar , 2012,
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J-obsession 2011 - Picture provided by The Organizer. Original photo courtesy of Pop Culture Online. Used with permission.

For three days next weekend, The Cathay will be transformed into a Japanese pop-culture haven with J-Obsession 2012.

From 6.30 pm next Friday to 8 pm on Sunday, the venue will be rocked by a variety of non-stop Japanese music performances by J-pop and J-rock bands such as Balloon Wings, Ryuusei, Grover, Shiro & Friends and Resonance.

Saturday will also see a Cosplay Competition where contestants will stand to win some $5,000 worth of prizes and vouchers sponsored by The Cathay, as well as a Photography competition, where photographers who snap visitors in costume and band performances at the venue are eligible to win a prize.

In a nutshell, the following are some contest details, courtesy of the event organizers.

1. J-obsession Cosplay Competition

Contestants will be judged on Costume (accuracy, intricacy, details and quality), Performance (humour, entertainment value, talent and confidence) & X-factor.

Most Subarashii! Cosplayer! – $700 Nihon Mura voucher + $700 Ben & Jerryís voucher + SONY 3D Blu-Ray Player

2nd most Subarashii! CosPlayer! – $500 Nihon Mura voucher + $400 Ben & Jerryís voucher + Nintendo DS Lite

3rd most Subarashii! CosPlayer! – $300 Nihon Mura voucher + $200 Ben & Jerryís voucher + Nintendo DS Lite

6 Consolation Prizes – $200 Nihon Mura voucher + $100 Ben & Jerryís voucher

2. J-obsession Photographic Competition

Best Photograph of a Cosplay – $50 Nihon Mura voucher

Best Photograph of a Live band performance – $50 Nihon Mura voucher

J-obsession is an event by Cathay Organization Holdings and the Project Breakout Team for lovers of Japanese cultures to showcase their passion in performances. This is the third consecutive year that Cathay and the PBO Team have hosted this event.

Check out the official J-obsession Facebook page for additional information and updates.