Medal of Honor Warfighter in Stores Now

24 Oct , 2012,
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Medal of Honor Warfighter is out in stores now.

The game follows the tale of US Tier 1 Operatives as they plow through some of the major terror hotspots around the world. This includes rescuing hostages in the Abu Sayyaf infested Basilan in the Philippines to pirate hunting on the Somali Coast. As special forces operatives attempt to hunt down the Big Bad Evil Guy behind the distribution of explosive chemical, PETN.

The game will be running on Frostbite 2. The game engine which made Battlefield 3 look so cool.

Multilayer will bring the gamers head to head against some of the best (and the worst) players online. There is an emphasis in the element of teamwork with the introduction of the “Fireteam buddy” system. So don’t start feeling Rambo here.

The game is available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. The limited edition includes Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack (the highly controversial compound map which Osama bin Ladin spent his final hours) and Medal of Honor Warfighter The Hunt Map Pack at no extra charge.

For more information pertaining to the game, visit the official Medal of Honor official website, Facebook, or follow the series on Twitter.

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