More Spanking Shoulderpads!

9 Jun , 2011,
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In my previous “Mantle of the Corruptor” tutorial, I described a method of crafting armored shoulderpads out of a foam ball, polystyrene sheets, and a bit of imagination. This time, I’ll focus on how to create shoulderpads from a springier material – foam.

I first started messing around with foam mats after seeing some of the fan creations from Blizzcon, as well as the amazing work of award winning Korean and Thai cosplayers. The biggest draw about foam is that it’s light, relatively easy to shape, and better yet, relatively fuss free to pack and store compared to polystyrene and plastic. It’s entirely the reason why I chose to use this material for my Netherblade Shoulderpads.

While this project focuses primarily on crafting some decent looking rogue gear, the method may be applied to any foam armor project.

This tutorial will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

You will need the following items:

1. A sheet of EVA foam mat. You can purchase EVA foam mat from Mash Shop (directions here) for approximately $10.

2. A sheet of large sheet of tracing paper.

3. A marker.

4. Heavy grade scissors, contact cement and/or craft glue.

5. Acrylic paint, of the preferred color.

Step 1: Come up with the design of your shoulderpads. Draw out the shape of the component pieces on tracing paper with a marker, and then cut it out.

Here's an example of a paper patterns you'll have to cut. XD

Step 2: Affix your paper pattern onto the sheet of EVA foam, and using your scissors, cut carefully according to the shape on the paper pattern. Cut out all the pieces one at a time.

And this is how you do it! XD

Step 3: We’ll focus on the base first. What we want to do is to give our shoulderpads a 3D feel, so we’re going to crimp the ‘fish-tail’ together. Using contact cement or heavy duty craft glue, join the two halves carefully so you end up with a slightly bell shaped taper.

This is how the base should look like. XD

Bend the fish-tail ends towards each other...

And glue liberally. Hold them together till the glue sets.

Step 4: Repeating steps 2 and 3, create the trim and adornments next.

Cut out and shape the other foam pieces. This one's the trim. Work the ends the same way as the base.

Step 5: Paint both the base and the trim pieces with acrylic paint. Use a dry brush for a metallic finish, and texture for a scratched, battle-worn look. Mix in a hint of black for a ‘dirty’ feel.

Here's how the entire thing looks like without paint, with all the itty bitty pieces stuck on.

The trim with metallic silver paintwork. XD

And the frills, too.

Step 6:

Join the base and the trim together using contact cement. Use contact cement to layer on additional craft foam pieces where necessary to achieve the design you want.

Almost finished product! XD

Step 7:

Using the half foam ball method described in my previous tutorial, secure it in place as the base for your shoulderpads. Add velcro tape, and you’re done!

And yes, it's fitted with the same half foam ball thingie as my Warlock shoulders. XD

And there you have it. Simple foam shoulderpads, Netherblade style!