Review: Abbott RevitaLens Ocutec

15 Sep , 2012,
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Wearing contacts lenses is part and parcel of being a cosplayer. Unless you’re portraying Joe Average, chances are the characters you pick have eye colors that are anything but the same shade as your own. I know, because I’m a compulsive game & fantasy cosplayer, and characters I gravitate to have increasingly outrageous eye colors like lime green and royal purple.

Of course, keeping those contact lenses clean, comfortable and safe for wear’s a given (and the safe approach’s sticking to one brand of fluids since I’ve got super sensitive eyes), but I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the brands I’ve been using.

So when I was given the chance to review Abbott’s RevitaLens Ocutec solution, I said ‘Hey, why the hell not?’.

The review pack for Abbott RevitaLens Ocutec solution. It comes bundled with a contact lens case, and as a cosplayer, you can never have enough contact lens cases. XD

As it turns out, taking the gamble was a pretty good idea. My eyes didn’t feel dry or irritable, and the lenses felt a whole lot more comfortable going on, and staying on, even after a full 12-hour day at a con.

Yep. I’m using ’em with my iFairys now.

Guess I’ll definitely be using this brand a whole lot more often. ^_^;;