Rockin’ the Comifest – Part Deux

6 Jun , 2011,
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It's Comifest 2, and it's a riot of people and exhibitors!

The weekend was jam-packed with two cosplay events – the second Comifest and the quarterly Haru Bazaar at *SCAPE. With my tight schedule, I could only choose one or the other, so I opted for the former, rather than the latter.

It’d rained all Saturday morning, so it was with a fair bit of trepidation that I stepped into the Civil Service Club at Bukit Batok. From pictures posted on the Comifest website, I’d half expected the event to be little more than a buncha stalls placed around the pool area with scant shelter, making for a rather wet and humorless event indeed.

Fortunately, the rain had petered out by the time I arrived, and the weather had taken on a passably balmy (well, actually hot) quality. Exhibitor stalls were neatly spaced along the sheltered walkway on the third level, affording ample room for visitors and cosplayers alike to mill about and browse. It was certainly an improvement from the first incarnation, which happened awhile back.

Strategy Entertainment showcasing their Romance of the Three Kingdoms inspired card game.

Dream Walker, now onto its third book.

The key exhibitors were local doujin group Comix Pandora and TCZ Studios, but this time, Strategy Entertainment and Cherry Credits had a presence as well. There was even an exhibitor from Thailand (and his work was awesome, by the way).

The latest Cherry Credits MMO, Dragon Nest, was definitely a crowd stopper. It’s crisp, clean graphics, action based gameplay, and cut scenes were pretty incredible, and even a diehard gaming purist like me was impressed.

One thing that Comifest did different this time was with the inclusion of seminars.

Taking a leaf outta foreign cons’ books, the organizers invited speakers to conduct talks and demonstrations on a variety of topics, ranging from cartoon drawing to game creation.

It was definitely a step up, and in the right direction too, judging from the crowd the sessions attracted.

The Cartoon Drawing Seminar - Even cosplayers were in attendance. XD

There were myriad cosplayers at Comifest too, together with the requisite (and proverbial) wall of photographers, spicing up the event with their Bleach, Naruto, Reborn and Vocaloid outfits.

It’s a bit of a shame that I couldn’t stay longer. I had a Dungeons & Dragons session that afternoon, so I had to leg it after about 2 hours. Still, it was a pretty cool event, and I sure hope there’s gonna be another Comifest next year, with more exhibitors and independent artists!

Here are some additional snaps from the event. XD

Photographers and cosplayers doing their thang.

Preview of Dragon Nest and its character creation mechanics.

Hui Xian, the creator of Dream Walker doing a live art demo.

The Thai doujin artists and their kickass artwork.

A closer look at their "Everyday Fantasy".