Saber Rattling, feat. FightSaber @ Mountbatten CC

7 Aug , 2011,
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If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been really, really quiet this past weekend, that’s because I was caught up with FightSaber‘s performance for a National Day fringe event at Mountbatten Community Club.

The team was invited to be part of the events cosplay contingent, and to put on a show for the post party after.

Here’s a vid of the performance.

Being able to swing a weapon convincingly on stage is a great addition to any cosplayer’s skill set, and FightSaber specializes in all that, and more.

So if you’re a cosplayer, and you’re keen to learn more about stage combat, choreography and techniques, do drop by *SCAPE on Sundays from 4 pm to check out one of their training sessions!