Saber Rattling

27 Mar , 2011,
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I grew up watching fantasy and period movies. It was the ’80s, and things back then were horribly B-grade. But they all had one thing in common, and it was something that the little kid in me absolutely adored – the fight sequences. 

And one of my all time favorite pieces was The Princess Bride, which had some of the most amazing stage fencing sequences ever (as well as lines that spawned an entire subset of pop culture references). That movie was the singular reason I picked up fencing in secondary school, and theatrical fight choreography when I developed a passion for the performing arts later on.

Theatrical fight choreography, or simply, knowing the ins and outs of staging a fight, is one of the best ways for a cosplayer to score points with the judges at a cosplay meet.

Like any other talent contest, a memorable performance ranks highly, and sometimes more so than the visual accuracy of your costume.

And while the whole song and dance routine that’s all the rage (as well as the cute poses) is well and good, nothing beats the visceral feel of going at it with your partner on stage, re-enacting a dramatic combat sequence out of your favorite anime, especially if you’re cosplaying a character from a fighting anime or a fantasy story.

It’s even cooler if you create a unique fight sequence to call your own – something with leaps and sweeps and spins to take the audiences’ breath away.

Coming up with a routine isn’t as hard as it sounds (or looks).

In the weeks that follow, I’ll be putting up tutorials on not just theatrical combat, but also stage performance tips as well, and hopefully that’ll help everyone with their cosplay routines.

In the mean, here’s a preview video of a work in progress Joey (lord_angelus) and I are putting up at Funan Cosplay Engage, taken during our last rehearsal.

Fightsaber‘s been invited to perform at the event, so we’re going to do our best to dazzle the stage. XD