Spotlight On: Maverick

28 Dec , 2011,
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Hot on the heels of our Ashe ShadeSki interview, we catch up with the multi-talented Maverick, a cosplayer with a real performance streak.

This spunky lad first wowed the audience at Teenage Big Day Out 2010 and since then, he’s cosplayed a veritable host of characters from anime, games and manga. Just last month, he dazzled the stage as Galactic Pretty Boy Takuto Tsunashi at Singapore’s inaugural Cosplay Chess match and as a Star Prince at the Haru Anniversary concert after.

With New Year just round the corner, one has to wonder just what this cosplay golden boy intends to get up to in 2012.

So in this, our third installment of Spotlight On, we find out.

Maverick as Haseo, Xth Form from .hack//roots.

Crimson: Let’s take it from the top. What prompted your interest in cosplay?  

Maverick: I was inspired by behindinfinity. She’s a famous cosplayer from the Philippines. I was surfing DeviantArt when I came across her pictures, and whatever she did, it looked like she really enjoyed herself very much. I was at a point in my life when I wanted to try something new, to meet new friends, so I thought: “Hey, if I joined this, maybe I could have as much fun as she did”. She turned out to be the perfect role model for me.

Crimson: And your first costume was…?

Maverick: Naruto. That was in 2009. Back then, I was totally new. I didn’t know anyone then, and knew very little about make-up. But I kept on improving thanks to the people I met. They were great people, and people I could socialize with.

Crimson: Were they the ones who helped boost your make-up skills? 

Maverick: People gave me pointers, yeah. But there was also a lot of trial and error. I learnt that everybody had a different face. It’s true that basic make-up principles do apply, but everyone has different features – eyes, ears, noses and stuff, and these differences mean that the process for each person’s make-up, like where to contour and shadow, is different.

Maverick as Itsuki Minami from Air Gear.

Crimson: What’s your take on fame? 

Maverick:  I think being famous means that people acknowledge your skills as a cosplayer. It goes to show that there’s people out there who appreciate your work, and it’s a nice feeling.

Of course, there are individuals out there who enter the scene just to become popular. When fame gets to their heads, they start changing for the worse, and then they imagine they’re some sort of diva. It really makes me question their motives for getting into cosplay in the first place.

Crimson: Then what qualities do you think a real cosplayer should possess? 

Maverick:  For me, I think portrayal is important. It’s essential to present the character well and be recognizable as a character. But that’s just scratching the surface. It’s a package that includes make-up, the costume and the props too.

There are cosplayers that focus on make-up and portrayal, and those that focus on props and costumes. Everyone has to start somewhere, but a good cosplayer should have a breadth of knowledge and be willing to learn and improve themselves constantly.

Maverick as Blade Master from Blade & Soul.

Crimson: So what’s on the cards for you?

Maverick: I’m hoping to pursue a career as an entertainer after completing my National Service. Maybe I’ll join a boy band. Of course, I’d like to broaden my horizons in cosplay too. I would like to participate in more competitions, maybe join WCS (World Cosplay Summit) at least once.

Crimson: Is that why you’re intending to join ACM (Asia Cosplay Meet) this year as Shanoa from Castlevania: Harmony of Despair?

Maverick: It’s a great opportunity for me to expand my repertoire. Shanoa appealed to me because she was a cool, composed character. Portraying her, doing the make-up, styling the wig and choreographing the performance would be a great challenge. I’ll also be making her props myself, so wish me luck!

With his determination and versatility, it’s no wonder Maverick’s cosplay star has been on the rise.

We’re definitely looking forward to his performance at Asia Cosplay Meet (we’re really big Castlevania fans), and if you’re rooting for him, be sure to cheer him on at the event.

Also, if you’d like to connect with Maverick, don’t forget to check out his Facebook page here.

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