STGCC 2011 Day 2: Catching up with Kipi

21 Aug , 2011,
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Cosplay idol Kipi, in her Homura Akemi outfit. XD

Day 2 at STGCC 2011 saw our team arriving bright and early to prowl the show floor for special guests at the con (we spotted a couple!).

We also had a great one-on-one interview with Marvel’s Harvey Tolibao, and caught up with cosplay idol Kipi, who shared her thoughts on what it means to be a celebrity cosplayer.

Speaking of cosplayers, it looked like everyone was out in full force today, so we had some awesome opportunities to capture solid footage for our con video and quality portraits at our mobile studio outside Hall 403.

Here’s a shout out to everyone who participated in our little project. Thanks for being so patient, helpful and willing to pose for the cameras.

We’re putting those images through the electronic wringer right now (we’re working really hard to get those 200 clips and 1,000 photos processed), so please, bear with us! ^^;;

To while away the hours till our next update though, here’s what we took away from our Kipi interview.

In conversation with Kipi. XD

Crimson: Hi Kipi, it’s great to have you here with us. As a celebrity cosplayer, what’s cosplay to you?

Kipi (through an interpreter): ”For me, cosplay started out as a chance to make friends.

I found making costumes very enjoyable, and it became a hobby for me… now for me, cosplay is a career.

Initially, it was just about getting into character and being satisfied with the costume, but now, cosplay is also a form of networking, and that’s very fun for me.”

Crimson: Some cosplayers frown upon making a career out of cosplay. Even here in Singapore, members in the cosplay community are critical about paid cosplay. What do you think about this?

Kipi (through an interpreter): “I know some people don’t like the fact that cosplayers take money and work professionally as cosplayers.

Historically, this was probably because cosplayers were paid to appear in photobooks and gravure, so that was a bit sleazy and that was why people were disrespectful of cosplayers.

I don’t think it’s different from any job. For myself, I may be paid to appear at events, but I also treat cosplay as a hobby and try to keep it that way.”

Crimson: Since we only have time for one more question, what do you think about Eastern Japanese style cosplay and Western cosplay?

Kipi (through an interpreter): ”They’re both cosplay, so I think it’s all good. The elements are representative of each respective culture. I also like the fact that though they are both different, they’re now mixing together and influencing each other and that’s nice. ”


And one for our con album. <3

It was great chatting with Kipi, that’s for sure.

We’ll (hopefully) have the first batch in our convention gallery up in a couple more hours, so do check back with us then. ^^;;

We’ll also have a more detailed report of our walk-around on both Days 1 and 2, as well as our interviews with some of Marvel’s finest.

In the mean, this blogger’s gonna go snooze for a bit, and catch up on the first bit of sleep he’s got since Saturday.

Until later. Cheerio!