An STGCC Roundup

2 Aug , 2011,
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With the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) happening in little more than just 3 weeks time, here’s a quick look at what the event has to offer.

1. If you’re a Cosplayer or big on Eastern fandom

If you’re a cosplayers, there’s the Cosplay Contest happening on the second day of STGCC.

You’ll also get a chance to meet with celebrity cosplayer Kipi, as well as the editor and team from COSMODE magazine. What’s more, the COSMODE folks will be roving the show floor, taking pictures of cosplayers, so come in your best outfits.

Who knows? You might become Singapore’s next cosplay star.

Otakus also have something to look forward to. Both character artist Kishida Mel , as well as voice actress Itou Shizuka will be in attendance.

Oh, and there’s a *coughVocaloidcough* dance party too, if you’re into that sorta thing.

2. Artists and Comic Book Fans

I’m totally geeking out over the guests at this year’s event, who will be here for signings, talks and more. If you’re big on comic writing like I am, don’t you dare miss Paul Levitz and Kieron Gillen, and if you’re the arty type, there’s peeps like Mico Suayan, Harvey Tolibao and Steven Segovia to whet your creative appetites.

If you’re an artist hopeful, there’s the Portfolio Review by C.B. Cebulski, arguably your best chance to break into the comic book scene. Closing date for registration is 12 August though, so if you’re still getting your portfolio together, it’s time to step it up!

There’s also gonna be an artist’s alley for those who want a piece of something different. The artists from Comic Art Show 2011 will be there too, so if you missed your chance to meet them, STGCC’s gonna be the time.

3. Cool Swag and Phat Lewts

If you’re popping by STGCC for a stab at swag, then you’re in luck. There’s loads available, including limited edition Batman, Iron Man and Predator figurines from the Hot Toys booth, as well as other exclusive products. Check out the STGCC website for a full list of details.

4. Crimson’s Secret Project

We’ve got something in the works for STGCC too, and it’s not just the exclusive interviews we’ve managed to schedule with some ninja guests from overseas.

Look out for the steampunk dude with the camera at STGCC on Day 1 and Day 2, and you just might become a part of something grand. XD

STGCC takes place on 20-21 August 2011. Tickets are available at the STGCC Official Website, and at selected stores islandwide.