Teenage Cosplay 2011

12 Sep , 2011,
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If you were anywhere near Iluma yesterday afternoon, and was wondering what the hype in the lobby was about, it was  Teenage Big Day Out 2011 – an event that saw aspiring models, K-pop dancers, and cosplayers vying for the right to be called Champion in their respective categories.

The Teenage Cosplay component kicked off with a workshop conducted by three personages in the cosplay community – celebrity cosplayer Pinky from Indonesia, Elizabeth from Haru House, and Reno from Movie Mania, who shared some great cosplay protips.

This was followed by a red carpet parade featuring some 50 cosplayers in their finery, performances by Elizabeth and the Haru Stars, and the cosplay contest proper.

There was a total of 13 entries, comprising both group and solo acts, and they did their damnedest – from staging sword fights, cute dances and re-enactments – in a bid to win the judges’ favor. The Gintama team, which put on a melee sequence clinched the 2nd Runner Up prize, while Iwasaka Megumi waltzed off with the 1st Runner Up in her elaborate Cantarella gown.

The champion was AzureWind, who channeled the quintessential Singaporean in his portrayal of the Ainu (native Japanese) elementalist Horohoro from Shaman King. His 5-minute long skit was interspersed with local patois and slapstick humor (including a reference to text messaging), and even prop failure (his wig flopped off at the very end) didn’t keep him down.

Here are some photos from the event: