The Mysterious Circumstances of an Irregular Otaku Living in Tokyo — Ep07 Comiket 88 Edition

25 Aug , 2015,
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This year, our in-house Otaku decided to visit Comiket 88. We didn’t hear from him since his last comment about the weather being very hot. We’re worried that he might have been too engrossed with his new doujins instead of setting his priorities straight.


Morning crowd before Comiket opens.

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The squeeze to buy Doujins at 11:07 AM

The summer edition of the bi-annual event held on 14th – 16th August has come and gone with more than 600,000 attendees and 40,000 participating Circles. While Comiket has been foremost, a doujinshi and creators affair, there has been an increasing number of cosplayers braving the summer heat to attend the convention, dressing up as various anime, games and movie characters.


There’s a wanted wizard ‘Arry.

While there were some who wore armor, most prefer the use of cloth. Others decided to go along with the summer festivities with summer friendly costumes of their favorite series.


Love Live! Cheerleader costumes.

Some of the major players helping circles get their goods out to the masses also made a strong showing at the commercial halls.


Comic Toranoana, one of the major distributors of Doujinshi and other anime related products in Japan also have a booth with some original works from various artists.


We can’t get enough of Melon Books, another major distributor of Doujinshi and other anime related products in Japan.


Lashinbang, a retailer that specialize in second goods decided to bring in some exclusive first-hand loot just for Comiket.

Game companies also made a strong showing with exclusive Comiket goods and upcoming titles.


SEGA too turned up for Comiket showing off their upcoming figures yet to hit the arcades.


ATLUS showed up as well with loads of Persona loot which was sold out by the end of day 2.


Everyone wants a cute mascot and now, Unity Technology Japan too have Unity-Chan.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a hot topic for Comiket this year, after fears of copyrights law changes might affect the future of doujins and Comiket. A premium membership is required to rewatch the discussion held on Friday on Nico Nico Douga (Japanese Only).


The TPP saga has ruffled a few feathers at Comiket.

See you at Comiket 89 from 29th – 31st December.

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