1000 Steampunk Creations

22 Jul , 2011,
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If you’re as crazy about steampunk as I am, then you’ll probably fall instantly in love with 1000 Steampunk Creations, showcasing the best in steampunk from around the world and the web.

I was sourcing for inspiration for my latest costume at Planerds – a re-imagining of my Victorian vampire garb, when I chanced upon this title and flipping through the pages just totally blew me away.

It’s hard to describe what’s in this book (since it’s full of pictures) save that it aggregates everything from steampunk home appliances (like that crazy re-skinned Mac computer) to fashion and accessories. What’s more, it covers all aspects of steampunk so there’s plenty to ogle at. Vintage aeronaut, adventuring gear, chic Victorian couture and dystopic togs – it’s all in there.

Just take a look at these awesome examples:

It’s really cool isn’t it? XD