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It’s time for Chess!

21 Jan , 2013,
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Singapore's Annual Cosplay Chess: Where your favorite pop-culture characters converge in an epic battle!

Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess: Where your favorite pop-culture characters converge in an epic battle!

It’s once again time for auditions for Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess, and this year, we’re pitting the forces of Science vs. Magic!

Official auditions will take place at:

Venue: *SCAPE – Hubquarters (Level 4) (formerly Grid MMS)

Date & Time: 2nd Feb (1 pm to 6 pm) and 3rd Feb (1 pm to 6 pm)

Walk-in registrations from: 12 noon


Audition details

1. You can register for the audition by downloading and filling in the form >> here <<. Do print out this form, complete it, and submit it to our staff on the day of your audition.

2. You may choose to audition on either 2nd Feb (Saturday) or 3rd Feb (Sunday) between 12 noon to 6 pm.

3. Costumes are NOT required for the audition. However, you are encouraged to audition with a character you have already cosplayed before, already own, or are in the midst of creating. In the event that you intend to debut a fresh costume on the chess board, you must complete your costume no later than 30th April 2013.

4. You do not need to have any prior stage experience or training to participate in Cosplay Chess. However, you WILL be assessed on your talent to act and behave in character, your stage presence and  suitability for the character. You will also be asked several questions by our directorial team to better understand your attitude and aptitude for stage performance.

5. Successful applicants will be contacted via email.

Happy birthday to us!

1 Jan , 2013,
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It’s 1 Jan 2013, and it’s our birthday!

This site was founded on New Year’s Day two years ago, and thanks to everyone’s support, we’ve grown exponentially from being just a humble cosplay blog into a pretty successful community events and media start-up!

Yes, 2012 was a super exciting year for us to be sure.

We organized International Cosplay Day Singapore, our very first fully featured con in August with the super awesome Yaya Han as one of our guests-of-honor, collaborated with Fish & Co. Singapore and RobotsGoneBad to run Singapore’s first Cosplay Zombie Walk for Halloween, and with Make-A-Wish Foundation for their flag day earlier this year.

2012 saw us producing and directing Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess again, and this time, we upped the ante with stage ninjas and a bigger set. NTP was also nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards (we didn’t get a prize, but we sure made a lot of new friends in the blogging community), appeared on national TV a couple times, made the press, and did pretty well at various competitions.

On the international front, we’ve started collaborating with correspondents from around the globe, to bring better event coverage and cosplay know-how to you. We’ve got a five figure readership from 19 countries around the world now, so we want to do our best!

We expanded our team in 2012, and we’re looking to expand it even more in 2013.

Also, because we’re actually pretty big on gaming here at NTP, expect us to write a whole lot more on gaming on top of the fun cosplay things we do. We’ll also be making more gaming related costumes this year, and for a start, look out for something cool come March 2013!

So once again, thank you all for a great year, and here’s to a great year ahead!