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GE3: Gaming Cosplay Colosseum

28 Nov , 2013,
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Celebrate cosplay at GE3 as we bring you an epic competition featuring attractive CASH and computer peripherals prizes!



Grand Champion: $1,000 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals Hamper
st Runner Up: $750 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals Hamper
nd Runner Up: $500 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals Hamper
Merit Prize (1 prize awarded): $250 in CASH


This contest is open to any cosplayer(s) who visit GE3, regardless of nationality or country of origin. GE3 staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this competition. Pre-registration for this competition is required (see below). As there are only a limited number of competitor slots available, do consider registering early to avoid disappointment.


  1. You may choose to enter as either a Solo Entry or Team Entry. Each team is limited to a maximum of 3 participants. If you choose to enter as a team, performing members must cosplay from the same title.
  2. Characters may be from any game on the PC, Console (Playstation, Xbox, Wii), hand-held game device or mobile device, from anime, comic books, manga or movies. Characters from games and from partner titles (e.g. Blizzard titles and DotA 2) will receive bonus points.
  3. You must provide the title of the game, the name of the character(s) and a reasonably good quality, full length image of the character(s) you intend to cosplay. The image(s) will be used as a reference image during judging.
  4.  You may choose to do anything you wish on stage, from putting on a skit, to singing and dancing, or simply through doing a series of poses and actions.
  5. You are given between 1 minute to 5 minutes to do so. (The depth of the stage is approximately 2.5 m. Do keep this in mind when planning your performance).
  6. You may (and are encouraged to) provide an audio track during this performance.
  7. The usage of confetti, fire effects, party poppers, pyrotechnics, or liquids on stage are strictly NOT allowed.
  8. GE3 reserves the right to use any images, video clips, audio clips and footage of any participant’s costume and performance with impunity, and retains these rights before, during and after the competition.
  9. Any infringement or failure to comply with the rules and regulations will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.


Costume accuracy and craftsmanship: 50%

Character portrayal: 25%

Performance: 25%

Bonus Points: 5% for game characters, and additional 5% for characters from featured games. i.e. Battlefield series, Counter Strike, Blizzard titles, DotA 2, Pokemon, Street Fighter.


You can register by clicking on the following link: [GE3 Gaming Cosplay Colosseum Registration]

The Deadline for Registration is 22 December 2013. If you are selected, you will receive email confirmation on 23 December 2013. Do check your emails regularly!


Note: The competition takes place on Saturday, 28th December 2013

  • Contestants should report to the D’Marquee from 12 noon onwards with your costume and valid proof of identification for a briefing. Please try to be punctual.
  • Judging for this competition takes place in two phases – pre-judging and performance phase.
  • You should be ready by 1 pm for pre-judging. Pre-judging will take place at the mini-stage and will factor into your Costume Accuracy and Craftsmanship.
  • The performance phase of the competition will begin promptly at 2.30 pm at the D’Marquee main stage. You will be ushered to the main stage by our staff.
  • During the performance phase, all competitors will be given up to a maximum of 5 minutes of stage time to impress the judges (see above).
  • Results will be tabulated at the end of the competition, and prizes will be presented during the same time slot.
  • All contestants will be invited on stage for the curtain call and prize giving.


The organizers of GE3 reserve the right to change the rules and regulations of this competition at any time.