A Geekalicious Free Comic Book Day

8 May , 2011,
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Some of my phat FCBD 2011 lewts. XD

Free Comic Book Day yesterday was a blast – a round trip activity that saw me hit Kinokuniya, then Planerds, and G&B (though it was really, really late and I missed the Gary Erskine signing x_x;; ). Hell, I even managed to sneak in a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) session with the boys in between.

My first stop was actually a quick grab with my sister at Kinokuniya, where they were handing out swag to members between 10 am to 12 noon. Of course, it was a great opportunity for me to capitalize on the member discount, so I picked up a D&D novel and the second volume of the World of Warcraft:  Shadow Wing manga too.

This was  followed by a quick detour to Sunshine Plaza and then to 313@Somerset, where I made it just in time for the Harris Planerds opening.

Shawn Yap, with Koh Heng Teng in the background at the Planerds Opening. XD

When I visited Planerds a week ago, I was impressed by how they’d tried to be an all inclusive geek store. It was heartening to see that they’d expanded on that, adding a fair volume of books to their repertoire since.

It was also fun to chat and rub shoulders with local artists such as Shawn Yap (who penned the noir detective story Jack Doe) and Koh Hong Teng (Gone Case, the Graphic Novel), who were there to do signings.

The Association of Comic Artists Singapore folks were there too, to promote their VACC manga.

Joey purchased the latest Fables trade paperback, and we netted ourselves a funky discount because we were in costume, while I got a fantasy art book I’d been eying for a while now on the cheap. (Incidentally, the costume promo’s still on today, if you’re dropping by the Gantz Cosplay Party later, and want to just pop on over).

TPBs on sale at Harris Planerds. 😮

I dropped by at G&B after D&D and dinner, but by then, it was almost closing time. Didn’t stop me from going on a Radical spree though. It’s hard to beat their dollar-for-dollar deal. XD

It was a great day, really, so thank you, Free Comic Book Day organizers. I had a blast!

Let’s do this again next year! XD