A Location a Week: Old Water Tower

10 Jul , 2011,
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In Wessex Estate, an adjoining area just past the railway tracks I wrote about in a previous entry is an old water tower crowning a hill next to a block of black and white buildings that house studios and artists in residence.

1. Water Feature

This water tower stands atop a small hillock, ringed by trees and greenery. It provides an idyllic setting for photo shoots that play up the state of urban decay, or perhaps for a dystopic vision of the future, where nature has run rampant. Just mind your step though, because getting up there in heels or elaborate costumes could be a bit of a hassle.

2. Getting there:

This location is accessible only by a single bus – 191 – and you’re in for a long walk after you make your way into the heart of the estate. There’s a quicker solution though, and that is to take either buses 51, 61, 93, 100, 123, 147, 153, 196, 198, 642, 855 and 961 and alight at the bus stop 11041 (after Commonwealth Drive).

It’s just a short walk from there past the Blessed Sacrament Church and the Sri Muneeswaran Temple into Commonwealth Park. Follow the wrought iron fence, and when you locate a break in the fence, odds are you’ll also locate a crossing to the railway tracks, as well as a flight of steps leading into the heart of Wessex Estate right across.

Where else will you find an antique like this?