A Location a Week: Queensway

12 Jun , 2011,
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With Singapore’s heavy residential and industrial build-up, it’s sometimes difficult to find ideal locations for your cosplay photo shoots, especially areas that complement your costume.

In this new column, I’ll be featuring places in and around Singapore (with several off the marginally beaten track). Some of these places are in the heartlands and within your very own┬áneighborhoods, such as the subject of our very first installment today.

1. Glittering Green Fields

There’s a patch of verdant green tucked away behind a lone bus stop at the very edge of the Queensway Flyover, across from the slip road into Queen’s Close.

This immaculate green space is large and spacious, with tall grass and stands of gnarled trees, as well as foliage that vanish into the skyline, creating a nice backdrop uncluttered by the HDB flats, vehicles, and the like.

It’s a great location that catches ample light during both morning and evening hours, especially the two golden periods at sunset and sunrise, and optimal for shooting characters in sylvan settings, such as elves and forest dwellers.┬áIt’d also make a viable location for period shoots, especially for fight scenes and confrontations on open grassland.

2. Getting there:

This location is accessible by buses 51, 61, 93, 100, 123, 147, 153, 196, 198, 642, 855 and 961. Look out for Bus Stop Number 11039, Block 19, as well as the marker that says Queensway Flyover. The nearest MRT station is Queenstown, and you can take bus 51 from Queenstown MRT station, from the bus stop at Exit A (to the left, exiting the control station gantry).

If you drive, there’s ample parking space at the open air carpark just inside the slip road at Queen’s Close, and the field is just across the road, accessible via a traffic crossing.

Here are some pictures of the location.

The field, in all its splendor.

Another angle.

From a height.

Here's a landmark to look out for.

Keep an eye out for this sign, especially.