Adding Magic to your gear

5 Jul , 2011,
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Adding these symbols to your gear is pretty easy. XD

In anime and stories with magic, you’re bound to see glowing arcane sigils grace the surfaces of weapons and armor, or hovering eerily in mid-air as characters cast their spells.

In this tutorial, I’ll put the means of mastering the ancient alphabet of the magi in your hands, giving you the means to add such runes and symbols to your cosplay props and armor, giving them a more fantasy feel.

This tutorial will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

You will need the following items:

1. The alphabet of the magi – You can download this free font online, or use this Adobe Illustrator file I made if you prefer scaling, vector art (better for larger items).

2. Paper to print on – Because you’re you know, making a stencil.

3. A thick roll of scotch tape or masking tape.

4. Paint – Make sure it’s either acrylic or spray, because you’ll want it to stay on the surface you’re stenciling on. XD

5. You’ll also need a pair of sharp scissors (grooming scissors are great) for this project.

Step 1:

This could be the name of your spell, or weapon. XD

Create the phrase you want in either a graphic or word processing software. Some examples are listed below.

Step 2:

Here's the stencil base.

Print out the phrase on a piece of paper. This will be the base of your stencil.

Step 3:

Like so. Make sure you cover the symbol itself.

Paste Scotch tape or masking tape over the letters. You’ll want to cover one side in its entirety, so this will create an added layer of protection when you paint over. You sure don’t want your paint to seep through.

Step 4:

Cut it out, and you're almost done.

Cut out the letters from the paper. You’ll be left with the stencil shape.

Step 5:

Here's me testing the stencil on a piece of scrap paper. XD Apply liberal amounts of acrylic! XD

And there you have it. The first of many runes. XD

Apply the stencil shape to a surface, and paint over. Voila. You’re done!

You can use this method on any number of weapons and armor pieces. You can also do the same, painting with acrylic on a transparent plastic sheet to create a string of ‘floating’ symbols you can suspend between your hands for a photo shoot. 

You can also create stencils out of clear plastic sheets, and slot them into the hollow of a light saber tube to create a glowing, enchanted blade. The possibilities are endless. XD