Anatomy of a Photo shoot: Kerrigan & Nova

5 May , 2013,
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Working with a company that you’ve fanboyed over is a geek’s dream come true.

In March  this was made reality when our team, together with our friends from The Art of Mezame, collaborated with Razer to create a series of images featuring Angelus’s Kerrigan and Jazion’s Nova cosplay together with Razer’s new StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm inspired gaming peripherals.

The team also got to play with the Razer Blade gaming laptop and Razer Edge gaming tablet, and the experience was pure heaven!

Nova and Kerrigan fight over phat Razer lewt!

It’s no secret that Angelus and Jazion were working on StarCraft costumes.

For Angelus, creating Kerrigan was both a challenge and an homage. The Queen of Blades was strong and independent, exactly the sort of heroine she aspired to be. What’s more, this was an opportunity for Angelus to step out of her comfort zone – to try her hand at creating a fully organic suit out of latex and silicone.

Nova’s tale was the catalyst for Jazion’s love affair with creative writing, and recreating the costume was a tribute to the psychic assassin that’s been her inspiration since childhood. Nova was also her most ambitious project to date, and a first when it came to experimenting with fresh techniques and materials.

*          *          *

Sci-fi is probably one of the hardest genres to shoot in Singapore. No matter how you frame it or light it, Singapore is still pretty much an urban sprawl with limited spaces that can evince the look and feel of a space port, an alien planet, or simply something that’s completely out of this world.

Our first choice for a venue, the gallery at Marina Barrage, was a no-go because they’d had bad run-ins with cosplayers in the past. That got us scrambling for a new shoot location, which was a warehouse in the East.

Dat excavator shot. :3

Turned out the warehouse was perfect!

There was enough heavy machinery and scrap lying around to simulate the interior of a ruined Terran depot, power so we didn’t need to lug batteries around for the lights, and get this, a frickin’ excavator so we could try something really cool and crazy.

Shooting two psychics in battle isn’t as easy as it looks!

Getting that top down shot.

“We experimented a lot with lighting, shadows and space manipulation to recreate a battle between these [iconic] StarCraft heroes. – Mezame, photographer and art director”

Mezame was a gamer too, so we knew we were in good hands. It’s also amazing just how he managed to achieve the things he did with just three LED  lamps, two flashes, and some filters.

Putting all the elements in the scene together.

And here’s how the final shot turned out.

We also used lots and lots of baby powder and spray bottles filled with water to create mists that simulated the psionic effects, which turned out pretty cool!

Overall, we’re really happy with how the shoot turned out, and grateful for Razer’s patronage. It truly was an honor to work with such a prestigious and established brand on this project!

Check out the rest of the shots in our gallery on Facebook here!

Also, don’t forget to visit The Art of Mezame. We’ll be collaborating with them on another project pretty soon too, and that’s gonna take place end May, so keep your eyes peeled!

You can also take a look at the images used on the official Razer page here.

We’d like to thank The Art of Mezame for the behind-the-scenes pictures used in this post.