Angelus's Breastplate Tutorial

23 May , 2012,
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We know that you, our cosplay friends, have been clamoring for an armor tutorial for the ladies, so we decided that ‘Hey, since we’ve got such great ratings in the Singapore Blog Awards, why don’t we do something to thank the fans?’

And here it is.

Angelus put together this nifty tutorial, demonstrating an easy method for creating a breastplate that conforms to the female anatomy.

This tutorial will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. Some EVA foam

2. Contact Glue

3. Scissors

4. White glue or putty

You’ll also need either chalk or a soft pencil.

Step 1:

Draw out the base shape of your breastplate on a piece of foam, and cut it out with a pair of scissors.

Cut out the base shape first, as always.

Next, cut away the panels to create the necessary curves and contours around your sides and hips.

Cut, cut, cut! XD

Join the pieces together edgewise where necessary,

Affix the cuts together with contact glue.

You’ll end up with something like this.

At least that part’s done. XD

Step 2:

Using either a bikini top, or bra padding, trace out a suitable paper pattern, and replicate this pattern onto blue foam.

Trace it out like so.

Make two of these shapes, and proceed to cut several wedge shaped grooves along the edges. Like we highlighted in a previous armor tutorial, joining wedge cuts together will cause the foam to curve in a certain way, and in this case, you want these shapes to curve snugly to conform to your anatomy.

Make cuts like these.

They’ll look something like this once you’ve glued the edges together.

Step 3:

Mark out the areas where you’ll be pasting these shapes on your breastplate. Try to be as accurate as possible, because you want an exact fit!

Now, cut these areas out using a sharp pair of scissors.

It’s like drawing a bikini on your chest piece. ^_^;;

Cut out one hole, then another.

Affix the bra shapes to your breastplate by joining it along the edges to the edges of the two holes you’ve made in the breastplate with contact glue.

You’ll end up with something like this.

And we’re done! ^_^

Now, all that’s left to do is to use putty to conceal the join lines, and to slap on a dash of white glue, and you’re good to go for detailing and a custom paint job!

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